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The Lemonade Diet is part of The Master Cleanse

The Lemonade Diet is the portion of The Master Cleanse during which you consume only the Lemonade. It is a diet in the sense that you are restricted to a certain food. The phrase “The Lemonade Diet” is often used synonymously with The Master Cleanse, but I break it down in order to describe the portion of The Master Cleanse when you consume the nutrients and energy from the Fresh Lemon Juice, Rich Maple Syrup, and Organic Cayenne Pepper.

The other sections of The Master Cleanse are :

Lemonade diet

What is the Lemonade Diet?

The Lemonade diet aka The Master Cleanse is simple yet effective way to detox your body. Here is description of this diet by one of the experts on this specific Cleanse – Tom Woloshyn

” The master Cleanse is  one of the most simple, effective, and inexpensive cleansing and healing programs available. It is a liquid monodiet (that is, one mixture only) designed to work with an complement your body’s own cleansing and detoxifying processes, and at the same time to nourish your body with the things it needs to function. It is not a true fast (one in which there is no nutrition), nor it is a means to starve the body in order to loose weight dangerously fast. The cleanse is typically done for 10 days, but can be safely maintained for many more days in a row, even weeks when desired.

This quote is an exert from Tom Woloshyn’s book The Complete Master Cleanse. 

This page is dedicated to the directions to The Lemonade Diet Recipe as well as the ingredients, expectations, problems and experiences myself and the readers of this website have encountered.

The Lemonade Diet begins with preparing the Lemonade. During the diet, you will only consume the Lemonade that you make each day.  In order to ensure that it is fresh and will retain as much of the nutrients and energy as possible, you should prepare the Lemonade just moments before drinking it.

Lemonade Diet Ingredients

To make the Lemonade you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 Tablespoons of  Fresh Lemon Juice from one half of a Lemon
  • 2 Tablespoons of Rich Maple Syrup
  • 1/10 of a Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 – 2 cups of Pure Water (Alkaline Water is best, in my opinion)

To prepare the Lemonade for the Lemonade Diet you will also need the following:

  1. 1 large cup to mix your lemonade in
  2. 1 Tablespoon Measure
  3. 1/10 Teaspoon Measure
  4. Cutting Board
  5. Sharp knife
  6. Juicer (Hand juicer or Power juicer)

You’ll need a Lemonade Kit


Start by rolling a Lemon on the cutting board to get it nice and juicy. Cut the lemon along its belly and grind it on the juicer. Do this until you have juiced half your lemons, or until you have no more room in your juicer.

  1. Measure 2 Tablespoons of Fresh Lemon Juice into your large cup.
  2. Now measure and at 2 Tablespoons of Rich Maple Syrup to the cup.
  3. Measure and add 1/10 Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper to the cup (or more to taste).
  4. Mix a and drink immediately.

While on the Lemonade Diet, you can and should drink plenty of Pure Water. I drink 1 cup as a chaser after each cup of Lemonade. You can drink more throughout the day. Try to avoid drinking more than double the amount of Lemonade each day.

Drinking enough water helps to wash out the toxins being released into your bood stream and out of your body during the cleanse. It also helps to prevent possible headaches as well as feeling of hunger or cravings that surface during the detox.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

In one of our blog-posts we talk about 5 tips to make the Lemonade right. These mistakes can prevent you from receiving all the cleansing and Healing effects of the Lemonade diet. Please, click on the link to read the article.


Cleansing and Healing effects of the Lemonade Diet

Cleansing can improve all aspects of your personal health including:

  • Increasing energy
  • Balancing your body’s PH
  • Losing weight
  • Reducing swelling and pain
  • Alleviating allergies
  • Flushing the colon
  • Improving skin and hair
  • Ridding your body of parasites
The Cleansing process is very individual as we all have different diets, live in different environments and are exposed to many different/ specific forms of stress. This is reflected in the Cleansing and Healing symptoms each person may experience when choosing the Lemonade Diet to detox their body.


What do you think of the Lemonade Diet?

As an essential part of the Master Cleanse, is the Lemonade Diet difficult or easy? Most people find it pretty hard, but some find it a breeze. How about you? Do you think The Lemonade Diet is easy or hard?


Express your personal opinion and join our Master Cleanse Facebook Page. Currently we have over 20 000 members and the group is growing each day. This page is very active and you will find tons of loving and understanding suport there from Master Cleansers all around the world.  Many people share their tips on this page and can offer much needed sense of community and belonging that makes a world of difference in your effort to complete the cleanse and achieve rewarding results.

Thank you for your comments and Happy Cleansing!

The Master Cleanse Team.

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  1. Elizabeth December 24, 2014 at 8:58 pm #

    Ive been reading about this for years now. Im finally giving it a shot. Just got all my ingredients and i am starting tomorrow morning. Yes, I am starting on Christmas Day.
    Im still not clear as to the amount of lemonade I should be consuming every day but i will try and do some more research to get it figured out. The recipe is for each serving so i am assuming i drink that quite a few times a day.
    Anyway, will let you know how it goes. Looking forward to seeing and feeling the results.


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