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Maca: The Hormonal Cleanse

Feeling a little hotter than usual? Perhaps your energy or libido levels have dramatically declined? Most likely you’re suffering from a hormonal imbalance. With all of the extra hormones and estrogen that are readily available in our foods and drinking water, it’s hard not to be affected. Hormonal imbalances can occur at any time, though […]

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The Cannabis Cleanse

Question: “What’s one of the most toxic and dangerous substances we foolish humans willingly (and mostly happily) consume each and every day?” The answer to that question is what the Cannabis Cleanse aims to solve. The Cannabis Cleanse is as much about the harmful effects of alcohol and “cleansing” or detoxing of alcohol from your diet […]

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How to Cure Yeast Infections with Simple Diet Changes

If you are wondering about how to cure yeast infections permanently, it is a gradual process of eating the right food and avoiding the food that feeds yeast. Yeast infections are usually considered harmless, but what many people don’t know is that an overgrowth of yeast can spread through the entire body and deplete your […]

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Quick Detox to Get You in Shape for Spring

With March bringing in warmer weather and the beginning of spring, it’s the perfect time to prepare your body for wearing short skirts and sleeveless tops. A quick detox and weight loss program is called for. As your body detoxes, it becomes so much easier to lose weight. Below are a few very successful detox […]

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Juice Cleanse to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

This is a critical time of year when New Year’s resolutions begin to flag, but the drive for weight loss is gaining fresh momentum with the looming approach of spring and summer. For those seeking to achieve their weight loss goals, a juice cleanse can be a viable solution. It is a good way to jumpstart […]

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Detox Holiday on a Budget

If you have been searching for a detox retreat, you’ve probably noticed that there is no shortage of pricey accommodations offering highly regimented programs of diet and exercise. Those who can’t afford these luxurious getaways can still enjoy an amazing detox holiday on a budget — and plan their own detox program in a relaxed setting. […]

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Is It Time for a Cleansing Diet?

Sometimes a thorough cleansing diet that purifies the mind and body is the best thing you can do for yourself. According to Elson Haas, author of Detox Diet, cleansing or detoxing should start with plant-based eating, but it’s about so much more than just food. “Detoxing is a treat. It’s a vacation for the body, […]

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Easy 7 Day Detox

If you feel like it’s time for a detox but don’t want to commit to a strict diet, SHAPE’s 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge could be the perfect solution. It’s a fun, easy 7 day detox governed by five simple rules, and you can either use the recipes provided by SHAPE or make up your own. […]

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Tapping for Weight Loss – EFT To Lose Weight

In this New Year, let’s consider a “New Approach”. An approach still new in many of our eyes even through we may have heard of it more than a few times since it was invented nearly 30 years ago and adopted by thousands of Doctors, clinicians and practitioners world wide. Let’s consider for a moment […]

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3 Post-Holiday Cleanse & Detox Strategies For a Healthier 2013

By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN Pants a little tight after all that festive indulging? Feeling more tired than usual? Well, let’s get rid of those extra holiday pounds and boost your vitality with these 3 smart slim-down cleanse & detox strategies courtesy of our friend and holistic nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim. After all, there’s no […]

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Ease into Your New Year Diet

Many of us experience post-holiday regrets when it comes to all the food we’ve consumed. And although guilt can motivate us to go on a strict new year diet, it’s important to keep in mind the idea of easing into it rather than charging ahead and downing gallons of beet juice and spirulina. Alina Zhukovskaya, […]

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Get Your One-Day Cleanse On

The holiday season is coming to an end and the over-indulgence has been done. During our time of celebration we have likely taken in plenty of sugar and alcohol while not taking in enough sleep. That combination is depriving us of water and vitamins and a leaving us with a poor immune system at a […]

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Hormone Diet Tested by TV Station

The Hormone Diet, based on the best-selling book by naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner, has been proven effective, at least for a small test group. KDKA-TV, a Pittsburgh station, monitored two people who tried the diet for six weeks, and both people were successful in losing weight. True, two people are not exactly a large demographic, […]

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Digital Detox Program by Andrea Cox

The Digital Detox Program was created by Andrea Cox, fitness model turned author and living foods coach. As a huge fan of the California lifestyle and the Raw Food Movement, she advocates buying seasonal and local food, and eating raw and plant based meals. At 5 feet, 11 inches tall Andrea has maintained a size 0 for […]

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The Body Cleanse – From the Outside In

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” – an old adage that stays true even today. This saying applies for our bodies too. A clean body means a healthy body. But the question is how can we achieve a clean body? There are many theories out there, but being sure to take care of each part of […]

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The Grapefruit Diet

The Grapefruit Diet has apparently been around for a long time and is also known as the Hollywood Diet with no specific owner to its name. It has obviously stood the test of time, meaning there probably is some truth to it. No one knows where it started but it has been passed on through […]

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Detox with Short Term Fasting

There are those nutritionists who swear by eating regularly at short intervals every day, but a small faction of experts have declared that short term fasting (anywhere from 14 to 24 hours straight) might be just what your metabolism needs for better functioning. With these short term fasts, glucose production is curtailed, and instead if […]

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