Eat These 3 Super Foods to Lose Weight Fast

3 Foods to Never Eat, MUST be combined with eating the RIGHT foods!
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Certified Organic Lemons (10 Pounds)

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The Fresh Lemon Juice is the MOST CRITICAL component of The Lemonade Diet. If you don’t drink your Lemon Juice Fresh, you will not be getting the vital Enzymes that lose vitality over time, and through an exposure to light and air.

To learn more about lemons  and their healing/ detoxing properties, please read our article - Why Fresh Lemon Juice is Critical to the Lemonade Diet.

Always  make sure you have enough lemons  to  complete your Cleanse. If are not able to buy organic lemons at your local market, ordering on Amazon is a great option. Lemons are delivered to your door – simple and done with a click of a button.

10 pounds of certified organic lemons. Approximately enough for 60 Master Cleanse lemonades = 10 days of 6 drinks. Shipped Priority Mail right from the farm!

Product Features

  • Shipped directly to you from the Organic Mountain  Store
  • Certified organic
  • Approximately enough for 10 days on the Master Cleanse

Eat these 3 Super Foods to lose weight fast, in just 10 short days.


Free 56 Page Report in which you will learn why Super Foods are THE key to Fast Weight Loss, The 12 "CRAP" Foods you should NEVER eat and The ingredients and directions to the "Classic" Master Cleanse.

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