How Many Lemons Should I Be Using?

Small lemons, you will need up to six per day. Large lemons, you may use only two or three.

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One Response to How Many Lemons Should I Be Using?

  1. Christina July 4, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

    6 lemons per day! yikes, those must be really good lemons!

    So, with the lemons where I come from, 1 lemon hand squeezed makes about 2 table spoons a lost exactly of lemon juice. That is the measurement of lemon juice for one glass, so if I drink 10 glasses in a day, I use ten lemons!

    Likewise with the maple syrup, realize that the 2 tablespoons is equivalent to an ounce. So if I need two table spoons, or 1 oz, per glass, that is ten ounces. So if I buy a 12 oz bottle of maple syrup, I might use that in one day if I drink 12 glasses of lemonade.
    So, you imagine, it can actually be an expensive cleanse, where if you are drinking say 12 glasses a day, for me, that is 12 lemons(which is about 2 pounds) and one bottle of maple syrup a day.

    At Trader Joes, the sell 1 lb of organic lemons for 1.99 right now, so I am spending about $12-$15 a day on this. However, I am not buying any food, pretty cool seeing my fridge empty!!!), so the cost evens out.
    I this was helpful and maybe a bit more realistic way to estimate.

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