In short. Of Course it Can.

Now I know that’s a statement that’s certain to get attention, so please allow me to explain.

I believe in a very modern (old) view on health, healing, and wellness.

I believe that in the coming months and years, we’ll unlock the key to our energetic bodies and The Mind-Body Connection which can, in my mind, best be summarized or represented by one common phrase:

The Placebo Effect

Ironically, The Placebo Effect is the bain of pharmaceutical companies trying to prove the efficacy of their new fandagled, side-effect riddled drugs, which are globally patented and prepared for billion dollar profits.

Tragically, while the FDA kills any mention of any healing modalities not sponsored by these Big Pharma corporations, especially those as simple as Prayer, Intention, Tapping, Diet, AND THE PLACEBO EFFECT. Meanwhile the Placebo Effect is CURING people, and causing the clinical trials of Big Pharma to scramble to find ways to eliminate the costly effect of The Placebo Effect on their tests, their development of their drugs, and ultimately their profits.

How can they not see that?

How can they not see that The Placebo Effect is the light upon the path to our future, illuminating our way towards the next evolution in medicine, healing and wellness.

Sadly, maybe they do.

The Business of Healing Cancer

Perhaps they do see that they could dedicate roughly the same amount of their budget as the effect placebo cures, heals or improves the conditions of the patients they would aim to sell to (aghm… cure).

Perhaps they ALSO recognize that these “FREE” treatments could potentially put them out of business if they continue to focus on those pills to be packaged and sold.

And perhaps they fear that their is no way for them to make their profits based on information, coaching, training and teaching.

Perhaps they should recognize that the end of one business is the beginning of another, and that noticing first, or just early enough, and adjusting their models they can be equally profitable, perhaps even more profitable.

Like the Oil Companies clinging to their lifeline of remaining potential profits rather than switching, or modulating towards new energy sources.

Master Cleanse, Cancer, Tapping

Can you imagine Johnson & Johnson, Phizer, and Glaxo Smith Kline each spending $3 BILLION Dollars on the discovery of Healing through Energy, Thought, Intention, and Prayer?

Investing into the Future of Medicine

Nearly $300 Billion Dollars of research (roughly 1/3 of the expenses of the top 12 pharmaceutical companies) would be the tipping point no doubt.

And, with Big Pharma on board, they would of course engage in testing and clinical trials, because only they can afford to do these expensive tests and trials that the FDA demands in order to officially “SELL” a treatment, regardless of the death and destruction that their so-called cure can actually cause, and often do.

Can Master Cleanse Heal Cancer, Tapping

The results of that research would certainly and ultimately reveal the whole ball of yarn that is the knowledge that The Placebo Effect is leading to.

If only we pulled and tugged and yanked on that string dangling in front of us from that ball of yarn. If only we considered what The Placebo Effect truly represents.

We’ll then be able to say the following without having to qualify it, disclaim it, or having to lawyer up and hope we don’t piss off the wrong person.

  1. Placebo Heals Cancer.
  2. Diet Heals Cancer.
  3. The Master Cleanse Heals Cancer.

Placebo has an effective rate of anywhere from 15 – 75% often beating the drugs that their testing against as is noted by probably every study of this nature (some of which are documented here).

We already know that diet can heal cancer. We know certain foods are proven to prevent, and yes, heal cancer, like broccoli for example.

The Master Cleanse is simply food. And it’s made from Super Foods like Cayenne Pepper, the Master Herb. Many people use cayenne pepper in their complimentary cancer treatments and have documented their results.

Just ask Tom Wolosyhn, author of “The Complete Master Cleanse”.

Cancer and The Master Cleanse Experience

Tom has worked with thousands of people over dozens of years.

He’s witnessed several people use the The Master Cleanse for various types of cancer including his wife.

She was diagnosed with reproductive cancer while pregnant with their child.

Can Master Cleanse heal Cancer

She was told she needed to have a hysterectomy immediately but chose instead to do the Master Cleanse, use Color Therapy and use Louise Hay’s work to deal with the mental/emotional causation of cancer.

Within 9 months she had 1 of her 2 children and did not use any conventional treatment and still is cancer free 30 years later.

In Spain Tom has a client that is now 7 years and cancer free after being diagnosed with colon cancer, she did have surgery to remove the tumor but did no other conventional treatment. She did 3 42 day Master Cleanses in her first year also using Color Therapy and Louise Hay’s work.

Can the Master Cleanse Heal Cancer? 

Tom was trained by a member of The Master Cleanse’s inventor, Stanley Burroughs and provides yet another example:

Within a few months of taking my training in 1980 a friend of mine put his girlfriend on the MC also using a Color Lamp to treat her leukemia, she was going to her cancer clinic everyday to have her blood tested and on the 10th day it was gone.

And yet another…

One of my first clients had leukemia and he did 51 days in a row and it was gone. I found out a few years ago that he lived about another 4 years but he did die from his cancer, he was using another modality at the time.

It should be noted that Tom also relates that he has known several people to try the Master Cleanse for their cancer and not get the results they were looking for.

Many of these people may only do 10 days thinking that would be enough, I believe a minimum of 40 to 60 days of the MC for any kind of cancer just as a basic start and then you need to work on other aspects of your dis-ease and to still continue cleansing on a monthly basis. If you don’t address the emotional issues it is substantially more difficult to heal and I believe will probably just reoccur.

Within a single beat of that statement comes the obligitory disclaimer:

Any undertaking should be consulted with your medical practitioner before using.

And one which I will repeat, and not just for fear of the FDA or other opposing voices.

Holistic, or Integrated medicine does not “EXCLUDE” anything. It INCLUDES everything by it’s very definition.

That’s not to say we do everything, every little potential option or treatment. Just to include it in consideration before choosing a complimentary, and integrated medical approach to which any qualified, (and hopefully modernly-enlightened) Doctor will absolutely contribute to.

Have YOU been Affected by Cancer Too?

By the end of 2012, cancer will have affected 1.6 million people in the United States alone.

Almost 600,000 people will die in that same time period.

It’s hard not to ignore an epidemic like this. Almost everyone is affected in some way or another – whether it’s a family member, a friend, a co-worker or maybe even you.

I have been affected by cancer.

Can Master Cleanse cure Cancer

My Mom and I before “The Big C”

When I was just  a few months old, my Mother was diagnosed with Breast and Lymph Cancer.

She was told she wouldn’t survive.

This was back in 1974, and survival rates were not great.

She went through the same treatments that most do still today nearly 40 years after their introduction. Most people are treated with a recipe of “Cut, Poison, Burn“.

Thankfully, she survived. But she doesn’t attribute this survival to her treatments. In fact she’ll tell you the treatment was certainly killing her.

She attributes her survival to surrender.

She gave up. She said to her God in prayer. She said:

If this is what you want, then that’s ok. I don’t understand what with having two small children, but whatever your decision is, it is yours to make and I accept it.

That day, on her death bed, her recovery began – the following morning she woke with no pain, she ate 3 meals a day thereafter (previous to that day was barely able to swallow even water) – within 2 weeks she had gained 14 pounds and within a month you would never know she had ever been ill. Her recovery continues today as a 38 year survivor with no recurrence, she is an author, Mother (Grand Mother), and leader in her community.

My Father’s second wife wasn’t so lucky.

She passed a few years back, having been torn apart by not only the Cancer, but also from the dozens of surgeries, chemo and radiation.

Cancer was a massive player in our lives.Clearly its a major factor in all of our lives.

The question then becomes:

What to do about it?

The New View: Natural Cancer Healing

Should we continue with staggering increases in diagnosis of Cancer, accepting the start increase?

Should we continue with our myopic views of what we should or shouldn’t do about it? Or say about it?

We absolutely can discover a new approach to cancer, and the great news is that there are many people already doing so.

Billions of dollars are raised annually from a multitude of campaigns, including my favourite event, Movember.

I’ll be participating in Movember (you can join our team here), and to kick it off, this article supports the Healing Cancer World Summit. will be contributing procedes from this article and the our association with funds raised for  The Healing Cancer World Summit).

It’s clearly evident that as a planet, with all the money and efforts we put into finding a cure for cancer, it still seems there’s been little motion forward.

People are still suffering.

What’s not evident is that there is a small group of doctors, professionals, nutritionists and activists working behind the scenes on protocols that they say can prevent or even treat certain cancers effectively.

Many of them practice in fear of losing their licenses and careers, but they push on because what they see in their practices is success.

Recently, health author Kevin Gianni decided to do something to bring these experts to the forefront. His own family has been affected by cancer twice – his father died and mother went through chemotherapy and surgery for breast cancer.

For the second year in a row, starting October 31st, 2012, he’s asked 10 of the top natural cancer doctors and researchers to share what they’re doing in their clinics throughout the world. He’s also asked survivors to tell their stories of natural healing.

Healing Cancer World Summit 2012


This special, free online event is called the “Healing Cancer World Summit 2012” and you can read more about it and register here (it’s free)…

Last year over 52,000 people attended this online event!

This group of experts includes doctors, nutritionists, advocates and survivors – all in the same online forum – that will share their science, research and stories to share the options that are available that you may never have heard about.

Some of the 9 experts include Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez, Dr. Francisco Contreras, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Mike Adams (of, and more.

Combined, this group has had decades of experience working with cancer patients in their clinics.

During the program, you’ll…

  • Find out what therapies these doctors and experts are using that they say can prevent and even treat cancers naturally.
  • Discover herbs and supplements that are scientifically known to prevent cancer.
  • Discover scientific and documented proof that natural cancer treatments work.
  • Learn how to detoxify and cleanse the body naturally… and safely.
  • And much more.

To listen in to this online event is completely FREE. You can read more or sign up on this page, but if you’d like to have the recordings of this event in your own library there is a special option for you to purchase the downloads once you sign up.

When you register now, you’ll also get 2 special video bonuses delivered to you right away. One that shares some of the most effective cancer prevention tools available to you right now!

The event registration is open until October 31st, but be sure to register early and you’ll get three special bonus gifts that you can access right away while you’re waiting for the kickoff.

So Can The Master Cleanse Heal Cancer?

Placebo is based on Knowledge. Good health is based on Knowledge.

So please KNOW, that if you choose to support the Healing Cancer World Summit, you’ll increase your knowledge on how to heal and/or protect yourself and your family from Cancer. You’ll also directly cause more people to do the same.

So can knowledge of cleansing, detox, and Natural Cancer Treatments Heal or Cure Cancer?

Well without risking some sort of lawsuit, I can honestly still say YES.

The Master Cleanse can HEAL Cancer.

If cayenne can. The Master Cleanse can.

If Placebo can. The Master Cleanse can.

If not through the Super Foods, or the Placebo Effect, then perhaps through our contributions to the wellness leaders turning to integrated, holistic approaches they research every day.


This event is FREE, with an option to “Upgrade” to more forms of media and various access levels.

Your UPGRADES or purchases on this event equate to donations to Movember and my fundraising efforts for Cancer Awareness.

Go sign up right now. Every ear, voice, and mind is critical to turning the tides towards the evolving understanding of health and wellness.

Watch and Learn for FREE NOW: Healing Cancer World Summit 2012

NOTE: All procedes from this article, and affiliation with the Healing Cancer Summit will be directly used to benefit the research, documenting, educating and healing of Cancer.

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