Let me ask you a question?

How many times do you say (or hear someone say) something like:

I just KNOW it!


I am certain. I have a feeling. My gut is telling me.


I can’t do that. That’s not for me. Or that’s impossible.

All of these statements are the reason you Can’t Lose Weight –Even the seemingly positive ones!

Even when you’re counting on your instincts and intuition which at times serves us so well, you’re really calling on a system of knowledge that you probably don’t really fully understand.

“I Can’t Lose Weight” is the same as “The World is Flat”

Can't Lose Weight

The words we use, like “I Can’t Lose Weight” form a code. They are the programming that makes up our habits that drive our behaviors which keep us fat, or broke, or single when we really want something else.

I call this the Flatland CODE. It’s the code, the programming of our system of passing along knowledge that goes all the way back to primal instincts.

It probably goes even further back to DNA –the programming that drives the operation of our bodies on a whole other level.

How this information is communicated, both on sub-conscious, and conscious levels has be responsible for all the improvements in our lives, from the formation of cells, the evolution our our opposable thumbs, the invention of fire, and the very ships that carried us towards the ends of the earth where we finally proved that the world was actually NOT flat after all.

This code is more than just how the cells in our body know how to divide.

It is more than just how our bodies have become to take the form they have.

It’s even more than the intrinsic instants we all understand from birth like how not to breath when we’re under water.

And it’s more than becoming complacent with generational understandings of the world we live in that we’re taught in school like the wold is flat. Or the earth is the center of the universe, or that some people are just born fat, or dumb, or hard to get along with.

Thoughts, Habits, Patterns and Behaviours

The Flatland code is any learned behaviour that is no longer relevant and now needs to be re-formed into a new understanding –one that suits our new needs.

Now I am not saying that instinct and intuition are bad. They can be the forces of such good. But they are not absolute. They are not perfect. And in some cases they have grown to be harmful.

And so, now as we are becoming more aware, and entering the era of the super-conscious living, we can now realize that the instincts, and background patterns of behaviour are not UNBREAKABLE.

Lose Weight and Gain Control Over Your Life

Losing weight and gaining control over your health must seem impossible for many of us. And while I can empathize (because I certainly feel the challenge of life’s obstacles too), I tend to get reactive, even emotional when I hear people say they CAN’T do something.

After over 30,000 question and comments on weight loss, detox, diets, and self care, holistic healing and personal development, I hear people say all kinds of things including “I can’t lose weight”.

Even though many argue that The Master Cleanse is not about weight loss, or at least not all about weight loss many people do the master cleanse to indeed lose weight. But this awesome cleanse is not only for people who think they can’t lose weight because of their bodies, or lifestyles, it’s to help change lives so that they stop think they can’t lose weight, and instead start to be closer to their bodies, and have a fuller understanding of how what they think effects their bodies.

From I Can’t Lose Weight to I Love My Body

Have you even heard the saying:

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right?

If you want to lose weight you have to KNOW, you can lose weight, and not be questioning why I can’t lose weight?

We want to re-write our codes, to author our own futures and to, as Bob Proctor says: “Decry our own Destinies”

Fortunately there people who are pioneers of thinking in new terms. There are people who dedicate themselves to changing our awareness of how we think about ourselves, our lives and what we can do.

If you use words like “I can’t lose weight” or “That’s Impossible”, you owe it to yourself to check out this video by Bob Proctor (Affiliate Disclaimer) who’s dedicated his life to over-riding these negative programs, and creating new ones so you can have your ideal body, earn the income you deserve and have healthy and loving relationships.

If you like The Secret, you’re going to love this free training from a master of changing beliefs and attacking ideal outcomes.

Go now, so you can stop saying I “Can’t Lose Weight” and start saying “I love my body”

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Do you think you Can’t Lose Weight? What other limiting beliefs are you victim to?

Please use this comment area to tell us what limiting beliefs you see in yourselves and others. This isn’t meant to be critical, but to raise awareness. Let’s all become aware that there is a new way for us to live. We don’t have to be Flatlanders any longer.