Ease-In Recipes: Salads, Soups, Smoothies and Juices

The Ease-In is a very important part of the Master Cleanse journey. Some people choose not to ease-into this somewhat extreme detox. I personally believe that it is a kind choice to allow our bodies to adjust to this cleansing process and slowly start letting our digestive system rest before we introduce the Master Cleanse Lemonade that eventually allows for our digestive system to rest completely. So with that, I present some selected favourite Ease-In Recipes for you to enjoy during your Master Cleanse Experience.

Ease-In Recipes for The Master Cleanse

In the book The Master Cleanse from Stanley Burroughs (page 26) you can find a recipe for a vegetable soup that is a good choice.

Here is repipe for vegetable soup :

Use several kinds of vegetables, perhaps one or two kinds of legumes, potatoes, celery, carrots, green vegetables tops, onion, etc… Dehydrated vegetables or vegetable soup powders may be added for extra flavour. Okra or okra powder, chilli, curry, cayenne (red) pepper, and zucchini squash may be included to good advantage. Brown rice may be used, but no meat or meat stock. Other spices may be added (delicately) for flavour. Use salt delicately as a limited amount of salt is necessary. Learn to enjoy the natural flavour. The less cooking is better.

Very important note : While you are easing in no meat, fish or eggs, no bread, pastries, tea, coffee or milk should be consumed.

Red pepper and quinoa soup – Yum!

Last time I have done the Master Cleanse I cooked very exciting soup: Red pepper and quinoa soup. I was inspired by a recipe from from the Spice Goddess TV show I watched a while ago, but I had to change some ingredients as it was calling for some wine.

I never really measure when I cook just relying on my own instincts, but it has worked for me very well so far so I am just going to list the ingredients I used in this recipe :

I cooked red and orange peppers, garlic, onion and sweet potatoes (cut up in very small pieces) first before I added abou a cup of quinoa- great source of protein in the vegetarian world. I sautéed the veggies and quinoa using olive oil. Then I added water and some spices – all spice, little salt and pepper and cooked the mixture until quinoa was fully cooked. Add as much water as you like according to desired thickness of the soup. I added fresh cut-up parsley in the end to add little more color to this beautiful, tasty soup.

Here is the link for the original recipe

Other Ease-In Foods Before and After The Lemonade Diet

Here is a short video we have made for the Group Master Cleanse in spring 2011.

Here are some examples of foods to eat on ease- in days:

  • Home-made fresh vegetable soups (no meat or dairy)
  • Salads
  • Hummus dip – great snack with your veggies
  • Fresh juices and smoothies (home-made, pure and simple)

Enjoy your Ease in and Happy Cleansing !

6 thoughts on “Ease-In Recipes: Salads, Soups, Smoothies and Juices”

  1. I am so excited to start the Cleanse the right way ..I am planning on doing the threw day raw ease in cleanse with maybe soup the master cleanse will be on the 14th ending on the 28wish me luck

  2. Hello everyone, I’m on my 9th day and tomorrow is my last.
    For the ease out, I would like to know if we can follow the same recipes that for the ease in.
    Can we eat salads and fresh vegetables ? Without juiciing them.
    I’m asking that because when I was on the ease out webpage I found the link for the ease out recipes that brought me in the ease in recipes.

    Thank you!

  3. Today is my first day of Ease-In. I had a green smoothie for breakfast with spinach, celery,lemon, cherries and banana. For lunch I am having vegatable soup with beans, two manderine oranges. I plan to have a smoothie for dinner. Feeling really good about this cleanse. The first one was kind of rough, but this time I know what to expect. My start date is the 4th.

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