5 Years ago I coined the phrase “Ease-Out” to describe what was up-to-then described as “Breaking the Cleanse”. Coupled with a concept I suggested to book-end the Lemonade Diet, the “Ease-In” (the opposite of the Ease-Out at the front of the cleanse), these two periods of 6 days total can be as effective part of The Master Cleanse as the Lemonade Diet alone. Underscoring, this notion was a comment, a question, well actually a call for help from a Group Cleanser during this past Spring.

The Newbie Cleanser read all the books, including Stanley’s Book, Peter’s Book, Tom’s Book and even my book, Zero To Master Cleanser. But, she somehow managed to completely screw up the Lemonade Diet, while absolutely overlooking the accomplishment she stumbled into during the Ease-In.

Here’s her note.

I am very confused and not sure what is happening.

  1. I did the ease in.  I lost 10 pounds!  That is great.
  2. I started the Lemonade diet (I am following it to the letter and NO cheating whatsoever).  I have gained 5 pounds!
  3. I am having a bit of a time getting all 6 glasses in but have done that for the last 2 days successfully.
  4. I am doing the SWF and the Smooth Move every day.
  5. I am drinking water – Maybe not as much as I should but still drinking.


First, let’s look at where she went wrong. It’s pretty obvious.

6 Glasses of Lemonade is the absolute minimum. In fact I recommend 8 -12 with 10 being the target as I have found that weight loss occurs faster when you stoke your fire. The lemonade is that fuel. Don’t drink enough. You won’t lose weight. Hello starvation mode.

This Juice Fast isn’t meant to be a starvation diet. One should drink a glass of Lemonade immediately upon feeling weak or hungry. Do that. Have success. Deviate at your peril.

It’s no wonder she gained 5 pounds as her body sought to retain all calories, as little there was.

She Missed The Secret SSSuper Diet

Erika Dolnackova came up with the idea, and I coined the over-produced title. The 3 S’s of the SSSuper Diet are the pillars of the Ease-In and Ease-Out: Soups, Salads and Smoothies (Juices included).

I found it to be amazing that our friend lost 10 pounds during the 3 Days of the Ease-In.

That’s incredible.

As I write this, I am on Day 10 of The Lemonade Diet, and stoked to start the Ease-Out tomorrow with Orange Juice, and leading into other Fruit Juices and Vegetable Juices before upgrading to Soups and Salads on the last day, Day 3 of the Ease-Out.

It’s incredible that she lost 10 pounds in 3 days during the Ease-In when I lost the same 10 pounds during the 10 days of The Lemonade Diet (I did also lose about 3 pounds during the Ease-In, and I expect to lose another 3-5 pounds during my Ease-Out, especially since I am going to do an Extended Ease-Out, as you may have guessed by the title of this Post.

It’s also incredible that she missed the MAJOR factor of weight loss and detox.


Her last item of note she tells us she has given just as much disregard to water as she did to drinking enough Lemonade.

The water is critical to the process. Water intake should be at the very least equal to the Lemonade intake, and as much as 2x the Lemonade intake. Flush out the system. Flush those toxins and fat away.

This woman, made it clear to me again what we have known for years, but forget easily when thinking too much about the lemonade. The Natural Food, Live Food, Whole Food lifestyle is the real way to health, weight loss and detox.

Now I am not saying there is no place for The Master Cleanse, or I wouldn’t be doing it right now, or still recommending it to people after all these year.

What I am saying is that we need to leverage every benefit of The Master Cleanse. It’s the Master Cleanse afterall because it has so many benefits. None of which are greater than our renewed sense of Healthy Eating.

So I say, revel in the Ease-In and Ease-Out.

During this past Ease-In, Erika and I ate the nicest steamed baby broccoli as not only a main, but an only. One big plate of broccoli. It was awesome. Juicing day was amazing. We shopped for every awesome veggie and fruit we could think of and mainlined their nutrients and healing power directly into our lives via their vibrant juices.

So this Ease-Out, I have decided to coin an new concept called the Extended Ease-Out.

The Extended Ease-Out

The Extended Ease-Out is exactly the same as the Ease-Out, but elongated, spread out over the course of 6, 9, 12, or any multiple of the 3 Days of The Ease-Out. For us, we’ve opted only for a 9 Day Extended Ease-Out because next weekend we’re taking advantage of the in-season Dungeons Crab in the Pacific Northwest (I will never go all the way vegetarian, but that’s cool if you do of course ;).

So we’ll have 3 days of each of the “S”‘s in the SSSuper Diet

  1. Days 1-3 will be Smoothies
  2. Days 4-6 will be Salads and Live Foods
  3. Days 7-9 will be Soups, Soups and More Soups

Man I am looking forward to this.

And to get you excited about it too, I am giving away  3 books on the three S’s: Smoothies (Blending and Juicing), Salads (Live Foods), and Soups (Cooked and Cold).

All you have to do to win is submit recipe for each of the 3 S’s. Submit your favourite recipe for your favourite Smoothie, your favourite Salad and your Favourite Soup.

Here’s some deets on the prizes:

The SSSuper Diet Book Package

3 prizes will be awarded to the most engaged recipe on our Facebook Wall and Website combined. Each winner will have the choice between the following 3 books and will be awarded when we have at least 10 entries of each recipe.

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]To Enter, simply post your recipe on the Facebook Page, or on this page in the comments below[/hilight].

Include a Title, Description, Ingredients and Directions. Each post will be re-posted on either Facebook or this page, depending on where it was originally posted, so that it’s in both places. Earlier entries are favoured since they have more time to be discussed. The winners will be awarded by how much “Engagement” the post gets, including comments, likes and shares.

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