The question, “how can I make a batch that lasts the whole day”, comes from several variations, but regardless of the reason, there is only one acceptable answer; you must make a master cleanse concentrate to preserve the enzyme of the fresh lemon juice.

If you’re interested in making a batch of the lemonade detox drink you might be saying to yourself:

  1. I have to work, or travel, how can I take the gong-show lemonade stand with me easily?
  2. I am really busy, it’s a pain to stop everything and cut a lemon open to make a fresh lemon juice.

If that’s true here’s what you need to know

How NOT to make a Batch of Master Cleanser (The Fail-Maker Method)

I feel your pain. I did the same thing. The first and second times I did The Master Cleanse (both epic fails), I made batches of the lemonade. I would mix up big gatorade bottles full of the whole lemonade ingredients twice per day. Here’s why that’s not a good idea:

  1. The Cayenne Pepper Steeps: Don’t like the spicy? Stop steeping your lemonade. It’s not tea, but it acts that way making the lemonade hotter and hotter with each passing moment.
  2. Plastic Leaches: Even BPA free bottles have toxic chemicals that are certainly leaching into your lemonade. If your going to make a batch, use glass.
  3. Exposing Air “Kills” Enzymes: As you drink from your batch, the space remaining from the consumed lemonade creates an air pocket. That air touches your lemon juice, and destroys the critically important enzymes in your lemonade, needed to break-down mucus and tissues as your body goes into spring cleaning mode.
  4. Exposing Light “Kills Enzymes: In a similar fashion, the light entering your (plastic or glass) bottle also destroys the enzymes of the lemonade.
  5. Lost Methodology of “The Process”: You lose a little bit of the conscious process of preparing your detoxing food. I know that’s a little beyond most people’s desire to detox their physical body and shed a few pounds, but The Master Cleanse is really an “Every Body Detox” even if you don’t engage in that fact. But if you were too, you’d know that half the reason your toxic is because you don’t fully digest your food. You eat while working, driving, putting on make-up and sometimes all three at the same time. Stop. Slow down. Have a ritual. Bless your food to execute the function for which it was called upon to provide. To cleanse your body, to encourage wellness.

How to Make a Master Cleanse Concentrate for Work and Travel

The solution is to make a concentrate (a condensed form of the lemonade). To do so, we’ll remove the water and the cayenne, simple as that. That’s our concentrate. Then we’ll store the concentrate in an appropriate container such that light and air are not a problem. Here’s the exact steps to make your master cleanse concentrate enough for the whole day (with two serving size variations).

NOTE: Lemon Juice enzymes start to become denature after about 10 minutes. So if you’re going to juice your lemons for the day, then get distracted for 20 minutes with the juice in a jug on the counter, you’ve defeated the purpose. This is why I like to do single serving sizes at a time.


7 Steps to Concentrating Your Lemonade

  1. Juice 1 Medium Lemon – Around 2 Tablespoons (= 30 ml).
  2. Put Lemon Juice into a small glass container, about 50-75 ml) in size (like this one) –you can also use small heinz jars and other sample condiment jars.
  3. Put the same amount of maple syrup as lemon juice in the jar.
  4. The jar should be nearly full
  5. Wrap black tap, or otherwise block light from getting through the glass.
  6. Repeat 6-18 times, 1 for each serving of lemonade.
  7. Pack in a kit for travel the size of a lunch box, along with your cayenne pepper and possibly your water source.


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Now you have your lemonade concentrate you simply take out a shot glass full of concentrate, mix with water, dash of cayenne and consume.

It’s a bit of a different process than the set-it-and-forget-it-while-it-deactivates-and-ruins-your-cleanse-it system you’ve been using. But it’s actually just as easy once you get the the bottles.

The Large Lemonade Concentrate System

Use a 500 ml or 1 Liter Bottle with the same process. Air will still be an issue at some point so I would recommend sticking to a max size of 250 ml to maximize your longevity


How do you Work and Travel with Your Master Cleanse?

Do you make a concentrate? Have you suffered the same fails I did? Let us know in the comments below.