The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a reality show that gives us a glimpse at the glamour of rich and somewhat-famous women including models, entrepreneurs, and former child actresses. We get to see the drama, the expensive cars, the million-dollar mansions, and… the organic lemon orchard? That’s right, this season’s newest addition to the real housewives, Yolanda Foster is a proponent of the master cleanse. In “Moroccan Madness” (Season 3, Episode 9), she revealed that she even grows her own organic lemons.

“The first time I did the Master Cleanse, I got so inspired by the way I was feeling that I wanted to have organic lemons,” Yolanda said.

Kyle and Yolanda Do the Master Cleanse

iYolanda invites Kyle over to her house so they can do the master cleanse together. Kyle pokes fun at the entire procedure starting with the garden.

Looking at the huge lemon garden, Kyle says, “Do you think we have enough lemons? I’m worried.”

Although she does seem interested in losing weight, Kyle is not really into the cleanse:

“I’ll do this cleanse… until I get back home today,” she says.

Yolanda, on the other hand, is very enthusiastic, but it’s possible her enthusiasm is turning the other housewives off. She had invited Kyle’s sister Kim, who is having substance abuse problems, to try the cleanse, but Kim didn’t show up.

“If we can get her through ten days of this it will change her choices in her life, I promise you,” Yolanda says.


Critics’ Response

The episode has sparked more interest in the Master Cleanse. Ashton Darnell of Endless Beauty says, “Based on [Yolanda’s] high recommendation of the cleanse, we were intrigued and wanted to find out more about this quick weight loss, detoxifying miracle cleanse.”

The lemonade adventure did not receive a positive response from some reviewers, but then when it comes to writing about real housewives, reviewers have their tongue planted firmly in cheek and are not afraid to sound scathing no matter what the ladies get up to. Emily Yoshida of Grantland called it “The saddest thing that happened on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night.” Yoshida claims that the lemon orchard extends “psychotically far.” How can the size of an orchard be psychotic?

[easyazon_image align=”left” asin=”B0058I06D0″ locale=”us” src=”” width=”250″]Anyway, Yoshida goes on to trash the Master Cleanse:  “I don’t know how much detail I can go into here without getting a stern reprimand from the Walt Disney Company, but let’s just say that Yolanda’s enthusiasm for it only adds a new, burning-hot discharge of insanity into her already frightening mix.”

But is Yolanda crazy, or just “crazy like a fox?” She’s usually the most down-to-earth of the housewives — the term down-to-earth being used in a relative way. Her tagline reads “I like to have fun but I don’t play games.”

Yolanda grew up in a small town in Holland. In her childhood, she enjoyed being a farm girl, riding horses and milking cows. She later became an international model and recently married multiple-Grammy-winning producer David Foster. She is currently mingling with mega-rich glamazons, but maybe it’s due to her rural background that she seems to enjoy growing her own food and staying healthy using plants instead of chemicals.

Praise for the Master Cleanse

[easyazon_image align=”right” asin=”1569756139″ locale=”us” src=”” width=”250″]The Master Cleanse is not primarily intended for weight loss, but of course, it does result in losing about one pound a day over ten days.

“Oh I forgot to tell you: the best thing about it is you lose weight! You lose like ten pounds!” Yolanda says to Kyle.

And while the Master Cleanse has also been criticized for supposedly “starving” people, Yolanda does not look starved. In fact, she looks like she’s in very good shape.

Yolanda had this to say in praise of the Master Cleanse:

“I was introduced to the Master Cleanse, which is a cleanse that you do with lemons and you don’t eat for ten days and you just really cleanse your entire body, which really reboots your metabolism and your brain chemicals and all of that. I just felt so good doing it that I’m obsessed with lemons.”

Okay, that may not be the most articulate speech, but at least she’s actively pursuing good health. And in this time of GMO food and toxic pesticides, growing an organic garden is the exact opposite of “crazy.”