A note on Spelling Mistakes and Grammar Mistakes.

I know there are mistakes on the website. I write like I talk, indeed how I live. I make mistakes.

When I speak you can’t tell I might use the wrong spelling for synonyms or improper diction. We all talk with grammatical errors, and we write even worse. In fact a new language is emerging IMHO, so you might find me LMFAO when I get a comment pointing out “It’s lose weight not loose weight”. I choose to believe that you should move past some oversights in the text and read into the context –get the information people. It’s a forest through the trees kinda thing. Ooops. I don’t think kinda is a word. And I think Ooops is spelled with 4 o’s not 3. Editors are expensive. If it bothers you that much why don’t you offer to edit the site for me. Email me with detailed revisions. I will be happy to post them, and provide credit.