maple-syrup-grades-master-cleanseSo you’ve decided to do The Master Cleanse, and you’re going to use Maple Syrup (good choice, stick with the classic), but now you’re stuck. You confused about the difference between Master Cleanse maple syrup grades. Grade B syrup is darker, and harder to find, and you heard that’s better. But what’s the deal with Grade 1, 2 or 3? Those Canadians and their maple syrup are always causing confusion, I know. Trust me (I am one).

The Master Cleanse Syrup, the SUPER SUGAR, you choose for your cleanse is very important because you want as much quality in your ingredients as possible. So let’s clear this sticky mess up once and for all. Maple syrup  grades will no longer be an excuse for you to start your cleanse.

Maple Syrup Grades -Smaple Shmyrup Shmades

If it’s Labeled “Maple Syrup”, put yo feets in the stirrups (sorry).

By law (at least in North America), regular table syrup (high fructose corn syrup) with maple flavouring (artificial), can not be labeled as Maple Syrup.

up” you’re good to go.

REPEAT: [highlight]Store candy syrup like Aunt Jemima is not acceptable; it is just flavored, empty sugar with no nutritional benefits.[/highlight]

It’s the Darkness of the Syrup NOT the Grade A, Grade B, 1, 2 or C.

Here’s the 5 keys you’ll ever need to know:

  • Lighter = Harvested Earlier in Season: Usually. But not always. Some season ALL maple syrup turns out light. The tree are the bosses. Not our grade racism. Gradecism?
  • Lighter = More Refined? (My Bad. I used to think this was true and this post claimed it to be, but now I don’t –thanks to research ;)
  • Lighter = Less Nutrients…. Although I was humbled to discover it’s true that although lighter doesn’t mean less refined, it does mean there can be significantly less nutrients present. Grade B can have 8% RDA of calcium per 1/4 cup serving, while Grade A only often has 4% RDA of calcium per serving.
  • Darker = Better. Period. Although it might get harder to know for sure (see below)
  • Once you go Dark you Never go Bark. er, Back. The flavour takes some getting used to but it’s growing in popularity rapidly.

Nutritional Difference in Maple Syrup Grade Differences

While it’s true that all grades of maple syrup contain minerals such as zinc, manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium. Grade B (or darker than A), contains higher quantities of these nutrients, the darker the color the more minerals are present. Other minerals in trace amounts in all maple syrup grades include B1, B2, B5, B6, biotin and folic acid.

It’s true. There are differences but they are not so great that you shouldn’t avoid lighter grades. And if your delicate palate can handle the dark robust maple with hints of bacon and poutine, then search high and low for Grade A, and never dine out in Canada.

At the end of the day, the nutrition is way beyond any other sugar out there, especially the crap ones… (it’s even a more powerful anti-oxident source than cabbage or tomatoes). Who knew!



Grade B is Dead. Long Live the New Grade A

Big Maple (*wink), has made their propaganda push wielding undue influence to corrupt politicians and waging the never ending syrupy maple wars . Wait. That’s oil. I am only sort of joking. The maple executives clearly thought there was confusion in the marketplace with the grading system, and have made it their goal to change the rules. They succeeded. We lost, Grade B is gone for ever.

There used to be:

  1. Grade A – Lighter
  2. Grade B – Darker
  3. Grade C – Darkest
  4. Grade D – Mythical

Now there is only:

  1. Grade A – Golden
  2. Grade A – Amber
  3. Grade A – Dark
  4. Grade A – Very Dark

Well now that you know what Grade B was.  All you need to do is look for the darkest maple syrup you can find. Plain and simple. They don’t want you thinking about the nutritional differences in darker vs. lighter maple syrup grades so that you might not buy the maple syrup lest you find the darkest humanly possible. But, in this case they are right. I admit it. The best maple syrup is the one you bought (I’ve sold out).

Which Maple Syrup Grade should you Choose?

In the end, the best maple syrup grade is the one you can get ahold of so you don’t waste another day before now and your mastery of cleansing.