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The Master Cleanse is a detox diet, but many people take advantage of its’ powers of “reduction” or as I like to say “Fast Weight Loss“. The posts in this category, recognize other weight loss plans, and details of The Master Cleanse for Weight Loss.

Weight Loss & Diet Book Review: The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease

Searching for a diet book that will not only make you healthy but also yield meaningful, rapid and sustained weight loss while enabling you to live longer by avoiding many of civilizations’ most dismal diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease? Look no further, The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease is exactly […]

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How to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

Natural weight loss is essentially a slow, simple, and healthy way to lose weight successfully. Weight gain often occurs if a person has been eating fatty or high-calorie foods or leading a sedentary lifestyle for extended periods of time. Thus, to lose weight naturally, it is important that you eat a healthy balanced diet and […]

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Removing Food Attachment

If you are looking to start a diet regimen, chances are you’re having trouble giving up your favorite foods. There is no way to be able to eat the unhealthy food we enjoy so much all the time, and still lose weight. It would be nice to have a real pill that worked magic by […]

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5 Ways To Start Losing Weight

“Starting tomorrow I’m on a diet. Tomorrow I’m starting with exercise…” Everyone has made such a decision, but they often postpone tomorrow to a new tomorrow, or never. Sometimes it’s better to start losing weight today, and the little things you plan for ‘tomorrow’ are not so hard to do. Nobody says it’s easy to get […]

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The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

Bethany Sanders has completed a “primal” 30 day challenge, a Paleo diet, which mimics the eating habits of our cave-dwelling ancestors. “It’s been an interesting month.  There have been moments when I’ve been convinced that this lifestyle is for me,” Bethany says. “There have also been moments when I wondered why I ever tried to try […]

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