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The Master Cleanse is a detox diet, but many people take advantage of its’ powers of “reduction” or as I like to say “Lose Weight Fast“. And that’s fine, because as a reduction diet, there is nothing better. Master Cleanse Weight Loss can occur at a rate of up to 2lbs per day, but it’s also been known to be used to gain weight in mal-nourished individuals. Weight loss results are profound, and the stories from our Master Cleansers illustrate that those who use the recipe correctly, and customize it to their needs see the best results. It’s the testimonials from these Master Cleansers that will inspire you to use The Master Cleanse to lose weight too.

Weight Loss & Diet Book Review: The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease

Searching for a diet book that will not only make you healthy but also yield meaningful, rapid and sustained weight loss while enabling you to live longer by avoiding many of civilizations’ most dismal diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease? Look no further, The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease is exactly […]

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The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

Bethany Sanders has completed a “primal” 30 day challenge, a Paleo diet, which mimics the eating habits of our cave-dwelling ancestors. “It’s been an interesting month.  There have been moments when I’ve been convinced that this lifestyle is for me,” Bethany says. “There have also been moments when I wondered why I ever tried to try […]

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Five Surprising Weight Loss Tips

Nobody likes having extra weight around their midsection, especially belly fat or the side bulges known as “love handles.” As martial arts and fitness expert Matt Furey once said, “They’re not ‘love handles’ – they’re ‘hate handles.’ I’ve yet to meet one person who truly loves them.” Here are a few surprising weight loss tips that […]

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Lose Weight Fast with the Tuna Diet

The tuna diet allows you to lose weight over a three-day period by reducing carbohydrates and focusing primarily on… you guessed it: tuna! Although this diet sounds a bit strange, it is not overly extreme, and it does help you to lose weight fast without sacrificing too many nutrients. There are definitely other foods you […]

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