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Salt Water Flush: Releasing and Letting Go

Salt Water Flush is for many people (and for me for sure) the toughest part of the Master Cleanse. I love the lemonade. It taste so good and when I get ny self busy and drink enough of it, the thought of food is easy to overcome eventually, but the SWF is another story. Not very yummy you may say (smile) but also sometimes it just doesn’t work. I personally haven’t had many problems with that but I see comments on our Facebook page from people that have a really hard time creating the appropriate ” effect”.

Master Cleanse as an Opportunity to Release on All Levels of Your Being

letting go, Salt water flush

That is what inspired me today to make my video as I think this topic is connected to releasing the extra weight that we may carry around as well. Master Cleanse is all about releasing and letting go of the toxins in our system, our body. As we do that we release on the other levels of our being – emotional and mental, but if we have some blocks on these levels, it may effect our physical body and create an obstacle on the physical level. I have seen this many times in my own life as well as in my Life Coaching practice.

I hope you will be able to provide some interesting insights in this video. This topic was so much fun for me to talk about. Here is my today’s video:


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  2. Cynthia September 19, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    I was wondering if you can still do exercise while you are doing the cleanse. I currently exercise every morning for an hour. Is it safe to continue while I am on the Master cleanse?

  3. Diane aka "The Curvy Goddess" September 4, 2011 at 7:32 am #

    Hi Erika,

    I like the video. I love Vancouver and am from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle. I live in NYC now and actually have a fitness business called Curvy Goddess Lounge . My flagship service is Curvy Goddess Workout. Personal Training for Plus Size Women.

    I am on my 4th day and it’s starting to get easy and am finally feeling the benefits of The Master Cleanse.

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