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The 10 Best Superfoods for Dropping Pounds Fast

Did you know that some foods are better than others at promoting weight loss? When it comes to eating, there is more to it than simply cutting out calories. While you may be able to lose weight on the Twinkie Diet, you certainly won’t be any healthier! To keep your weight down and stay as [...]

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When Approaching a Weight Loss Plan Keep Things As Realistic and Scientific as Possible

The weight loss industry has become an incredible outlet for fads, half-truths, and marketing mumbo jumbo. It’s really quite unfortunate seeing as how more people suffer from weight problems today than ever before, and are sincerely looking for ways to achieve a healthier state. The best thing you can do to cut through all of [...]

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5 Reasons Saunas Are Best for Detoxing and a Full Body Cleanse

Detoxifying your body, whether it is part of addiction treatment or a healthy lifestyle, requires cleansing the internal organs and blood. A sauna can help clean out your body and improve your health so that your body is able to heal from substance abuse, environmental pollution, heavy metals or unhealthy items found in your food [...]

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Why You Should Take Care of Your Teeth

Most people will brush their teeth for a little while once a day. While this is better than not brushing at all, taking care of your teeth requires more than a once-over. Having poor dental hygiene can have some serious consequences. The following are just a few reasons to brush and floss regularly. A large [...]

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Weight Loss Supplements or Exercises – What You Should Opt For?

Very few people would say that losing weight is an easy task.  Certainly the prospect is not so difficult to comprehend – you simply have to burn more calories than you ingest. Yet, the inception is a little harder for most people. In reality, they must adopt an entirely new lifestyle, including a sustainable diet [...]

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Why a Natural Cleanse Is Vital to Good Health

There are many reasons a person may want to cleanse their body and become healthier. The reasons for a natural cleanse can range from being overweight, having other health problems, wanting to feel, and out of necessity. Cleansing your body is easier than you think. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is harder to do, but beginning [...]

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Natural Hair Regrowth Supplement for Hair and Body

Life today can be extremely stressful, from the higher demands at work to balancing a career and a family. It is also more of a status symbol to be as busy as possible. The more busy we are, the more successful we will appear. However, these daily stresses can take a toll on our health, [...]

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Control Type 2 Diabetes With a Hot Tub Bath

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and for people who live with it, they try to find new ways to reduce the risks that come with it. Risks and health problems include weight gain (which is difficult to control if a person is “inactive” or unable to perform routine exercises), high [...]

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reduce allergy symptoms

Got the Seasonal Sniffles? Try These Natural Ways to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

If your nose starts running and your eyes water so much that it seems like you’re crying as you step outside in certain seasons, you’re not alone. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, there are about 50 million Americans who suffer from some type of allergy, and approximately 40 million of those [...]

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How To Do A Proper Candida Cleansing: Make Sure Your Gut is Functioning Optimally

Since Candida cleansing is essentially digestive system cleansing, it is important to ensure that your digestive organs are in top shape. Your stomach and small intestine need to have the ability to digest foods really well, which greatly aids in the absorption of essential nutrients, and overall health and wellbeing.  Your pancreas, liver and gallbladder [...]

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How To Do A Proper Candida Cleanse: Hydrate the Body and Eliminate Waste

Hydration should be one of your most important considerations when detoxifying, and for this reason it is important to make sure that you have a bottle of good quality water with you. Drinking water stimulates your body to eliminate many toxins from your system. Water allows both your digestive system and urinary tract eliminate many [...]

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How To Do A Proper Candida Cleanse: Exercise and Keep Your Blood Circulating

One of the best ways in which you can expel waste out of your body is to sweat. Perspiring profusely occurs naturally when you exercise. Aside from sweating, another natural benefit of exercising is that keeps your blood flowing and improves the circulation of blood and lymph fluid throughout your body. Inducing blood circulation is [...]

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How To Do A Proper Candida Cleanse: Going Green

Research conducted by the Center for Microbial Innovation in Auckland, New Zealand, studied the relationship of metabolism and Candida proliferation and suggested that a certain diet must be established to treat the yeast infection. Once you decide to go on a Candida cleanse, you will need to get rid of any take-out foods, refined or [...]

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How To Do A Proper Candida Cleanse: Introduction

There are many different ways one can eliminate a yeast overgrowth from the body, but unfortunately too much emphasis is placed on “killing the yeast”, without fully understanding the consequences of such an approach. This kill approach only serves to temporarily reduce the number of harmful microbes, yeasts and parasites from the body, allowing their [...]

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Interview with Louise Hay: The Power of Self Love

We live in a world where “technologies of magic” are considered acceptable and even common. So many people have subscribed to the idea that changing your thoughts can change your destiny today: those people use affirmations, vision boards, self love and visualizations to solve their problems and make their dreams come true. In 1987, when Louise [...]

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Let in a Little Sunshine: The Role of Vitamin D in Sustaining Your Health

Vitamin D is known for being the only vitamin that can be manufactured by the body. All a person has to do to get his or her daily recommended amount of Vitamin D is spend as little as fifteen minutes in the sun, whose UV rays convert cholesterol into the vitamin. Vitamin D is especially [...]

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Electrolyte Drinks, Sweating and Staying Healthy: What’s The Link?

Most people never ask themselves this question, but they should. Electrolytes exist as a very significant component of the human body. Without them our organs and even our cells would not be able to perform the required function necessary for our survival. Additionally, they assist our muscle and nerves to work at their best. Without electrolytes, [...]

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A Super Tea That Helps with Fat Loss? Here’s the Facts

Many people are working hard to lose weight and wondering if there is something that can help them in what seems like an uphill struggle. It may sound strange, but something as simple as drinking certain kinds of tea known as “super teas” can really make a difference in the fight against flab. Okuma’s authentic [...]

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Detox Diet Recipes

Natural Ways to Treat Acne

Sometimes acne breakouts are caused by unhealthy diets, sometimes they are caused by dry skin, and sometimes they just pop up randomly. If you have tried to eat right and you are still fighting acne here are a few natural ways that you can reduce your breakouts and help your body to heal. Combined with [...]

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5 Ways You Can Have a Healthy Summer

Summer should be a time to relax, vacation and enjoy the warmer weather. However, too many children and adults spend so much time in the sun that sunburn results. This is especially true when these individuals insist on spending large amounts of time in the sun without protection. And since many of us are going [...]

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