8th Annual – New Years Group Cleanse – 2015

It's that time of year again. Time to celebrate the past years successes with just a little too much food and drink. Yes, it's easy to let the holidays get away from us, especially when it's cold outside and our family is all around each bringing their own famous dish or desert.

What's more, stress is at an all time high this time of year, and our emotional eating habits can become dramatically distorted.

Naturally we tend to pack on a few pounds and let our cravings get away from us.

Thankfully, The Master Cleanse is the perfect RESET button for your weight gain, and toxic lifestyles (or as a significant boost to your already wellness based lifestyle).

So with that we'd like to invite you to join in our 8th Annual, and 33rd Quarterly Group Master Cleanse.

Win Great Prizes

And it gets even better.

Register now for the Group Cleanse, and Contribute “Your Experience” to the Community and you'll have a chance to win some amazing prizes from The Master but also from our publishing partners OneWebsite to help take your valuable insights and contributions to the next level, getting published in your own website just like Check our past winners here, and details on the prizes here.

We've had over 10,000 people join these Group Cleanses over the years and so many have left us with such lasting memories like these:

Master Cleanser's Testimonials

I just finished the master cleanse, and lost about 13 lbs, from 130lbs to 117lbs. I fit into my size 4 outfits and skirts just as I did before having my first child last year! Before this, I did everything I could but could not lose the last 10lbs. When women use to talk about how difficult losing the last poundage, like the last 10 lbs, I used to think to myself, ” what’s the big deal,” it’s 10lbs and I can lose that in my sleep. I totally feel for my fellow sisters who struggle with losing weight. I can sympathize now. I worked out, I did strength training, I drank plenty of water, the actual amount for my height and weight, and I could not lose it. I got plenty of rest, and rested my body when it needed it, since I’m a stay at home mother. I alternated fasting mornings or lunch and other days fasted for dinner by not eating anything after 4pm. Nothing prevailed. So I finally did the master cleanse, and those pounds rolled off like butter, and I felt better just by getting those nasty toxins out of my body. At the end of the cleanse, I actually ate oranges the last two days, and actually ate veggies- as I don’t have a juicer. I’m planning to maintain my normal weight, but not be afraid to treat myself with a small portion of some of my favorite foods. I’m excited to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight!! TRULY the Master Cleanse is the “bomb!!”. Thank you for creating this cleansing routine!

- A.Stew

Day 12 of Lemonade diet. I’ve dropped two waist sizes and people are calling me skinny. The first two days were the absolute pits(headaches galore) but after that it was a breeze. Yeah I’m tired of the same old stuff everyday but the results are so motivating. I have tons of energy and I’ve been slepi g like a rock. I’ve followed the cleanse religiously and paired it with regular cardio. I can’t wait for it to be over bc I miss the taste of food. WORD to the WISE go to bed early cravings get worse out night! Also, I’m in love with the SWF. You feel so refreshed after. Good luck all!

- ChiGuy27

I started the Master Cleanse on Jan 1st 2012. This is my 34th day and I have never felt better. I have exercised more than I have in years. I have more energy than ever. I am turning 70 years old this year. I had reached 170 lbs and said that’s it. Today, I weigh 148 lbs, have let go of 5% body fat and over 20 inches. It is the easiest and most fun experience I can imagine. I recommend this for everyone. Every joint feels great. I was in good health before and it just gets better. You don’t have to be sick to feel better and better and better. Thank you Stanley. I recommend your book and Cleanse to everyone.

- Sara Contreras


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