Coming down off solid foods, we move into the orange juice portion of the Ease-In/Ease-Out process. The Ease-In is not as important as the Ease-Out. During the Ease-Out, the first day after the lemonade, your stomach is used to the citrus juice every day. The orange juice, still stripped of most of the pulp, is a nice transition into more complex juices and soups. The Ease-In, however, doesn’t have that issue, but I like the reverse process of the Ease-In because it helps train you to a new lifestyle. Even though it takes several days to establish a habit, the more you live a lifestyle, the more open you will be to it. You may not proceed all the way to a vegetarian, vegan or live-food diet or even to a prolonged or intermittent juice-cleanse diet, but your body will have experienced how it feels when you are only feeding it live foods, or only drinking juices. You will begin to understand you don’t need a steak to live, nor equate a full stomach with abundant energy.

Ease-In Complete, The Lemonade Diet Begins.

So we have arrived at the last day planned for the Group Master Cleanse Experience. While this stage of The Master Cleanse was optional, tomorrow is not.

Everyone who is still committed to the process and the group, should be getting ready to start the lemonade tomorrow. To be eligible for the gift certificates and the juicers, you should be posting every day at the five-topic pages.

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Congrats to everyone again, and keep the posts coming. Over the last three days, we have had nearly 200 comments posted, all helping people to understand their experiences.