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The Process and The Lemonade Diet - Lemonade Diet - Day 1

I figured I would weigh myself as soon as I wake up so I should get a pretty accurate reading. Then I do the Salt Water Flush immediately. I found that if I get it out of the way and I don’t give myself too much time to think about it, it tends to go down a little easier.  I keep everything I need including the measuring spoons and containers in the same place so that I don’t waste time in the morning hunting things down. I find that the lemons will juice better when they are kept at room temperature. I also roll the lemons on the counter to break up the pulp a little. I usually have to juice three lemons to get the amount I need for the day. I prepared the lemonade in two water bottles. I keep them in the fridge so that they stay cold and I go get a drink when I am hungry. I find that it tastes really good when it is really cold. I then drink the Smooth Move tea just before I go to bed. So far, so good. I might have to tweak the process as I go.

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

Today I tried the Salt Water Flush with cold water. I was worried that maybe it wouldn’t work as well as it did yesterday but everything was flowing within thirty minutes. I have to say that the Salt Water Flush goes down much easier when it is cold. It’s actually not that bad. I didn’t taste the salt as much. I am actually beginning to like the Salt Water Flush. I feel so much lighter afterwards and its instant feedback that what I am doing is working. I love instant feedback. So far I haven’t had any other signs of detox but this is just the first day of the lemonade. My face broke out but I don’t know if it’s related although I never break out so it’s a pretty big coincidence. I’m not really looking forward to the other signs of detox.

The Psychological and Emotional

I have never done this detox before so this will be a new experience for me and I’m not sure what to expect. I think that my major worry is that I have the will power of a fox in a hen house. This is definitely a mind over matter thing and I haven’t had much luck in the past but I am determined to give it that old college try. I already miss the taste of my favorite foods and I haven’t even started the lemonade only phase. I don’t think I’ve ever paid this close attention before to tv commercials. I know I’m in trouble when even a Big Mac (which I hate) is starting to look good. This is going to be interesting!

Weight Loss and Physical Results - Lemonade Diet - Day 9

I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds and most of that was in the last five days of the cleanse. I also lost eight inches around my waist, which was much needed. I’ve had a lot of energy and have been going for walks every day like I’m supposed to (although it’s getting a little warm to be walking outside.) My aches and pains in my joints have gone away and I think I’ even thinking clearer. My feet stopped hurting so much when I walk. It’s probably from losing some weight. I feel so good I might have to do the cleanse again in a few months.

Social Support from Friends and Family - Lemonade Diet - Day 7

I have to say that if it weren’t for this sight I would have absolutely no support. My mother decided to bring over a huge dinner that she had made for me and the boys knowing that I was doing this detox. She then proceeded to give me a guilt complex about not eating it until I finally gave in. I am going to have my work cut out for me if I am going to make it the full ten days. I’m going to have to find a way to avoid my mother. I know she is just worried about me not eating solid food. I just can’t get it through her head that it is healthy. I think my boyfriend gave up on trying to change my mind. I’m not going to let anyone change my mind.

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