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The Process and The Lemonade Diet

I started my day off having decided to start the cleanse with no ease in and no ingredients needed to start the cleanse! Before work I quickly got everything I had needed, except the syrup, which I ended up getting on my lunch break. I bought the most ripe lemons and found cutting it in half and using a knife to poke it made the lemon juice come out easy and I just squeezed it over the cup and added the rest of the ingredients.  I also used hot water for all my drinks and made them into a tea which I sipped over the course of my day.  I noticed my hunger more with the three glasses I had in the morning without syrup than the three glasses I had after lunch with syrup. It was so much better and more filling. I also love spicy anything, so sipping the drink with cayenne was great for me! I am drinking the smooth move tea before bed and will see if I feel I will try the salt water flush in the morning!

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

I started my day off unprepared with all the ingredients to start the cleanse which it didn't take me that long to gather before going to work.  So I did not do the salt water cleanse this morning. As I am writing this I am enjoying the smooth move tea and so far I am enjoying the taste. I look forward to tomorrow morning, as today I have not eliminated any waste, which is not like me at all! I pay close attention to bowel movements, as I feel it's important to know how often you have movements and what they look like, as it can tell a lot about your health and diet. Being a first timer with the cleanse, I am looking forward to start seeing things that will be different than the ordinary! Bring on the grossness, I'm ready!

The Psychological and Emotional

I decided to not do the master cleanse when I did not start the ease in process and figured I would do it on my own on a different day and time and start the cleanse right. However, I woke up this morning, told myself that today was going to be the day and that regardless of what I had prepared or not, I was going to make it happen and be part of the group challenge. I felt DETERMINED and I knew I could make it happen! So before work I ran to the store and got my lemons, cayenne pepper and oh no they didn't have grade B syrup, I told myself I can wait until lunch and buy the syrup then, and I did.  Actually it was the highlight of my day getting my hands on that syrup, it definitely is the key to feeling fuller I found out after having it. I felt so appreciate for it, like I was getting to have something I wasn't suppose to, adding it halfway through my day. It's so good! Since it was lunch time and I was at the grocery store and only having lemon and cayenne so far, I was hungry!!!  I walked the isles of the store and found myself eyeballing things I haven't eaten in years! I starting longing for food from childhood, like kids cereal, Oreos and milk, why? I haven't eaten that kind of stuff in over a decade, so I was surprised by that desire. I look forward to understanding my thought process with food as the process of the master cleanse unfolds and my detoxing begins!  So here I am, completing my first day and feeling great with my decision to stick with what my mind originally set out to do! I feel excited...what is tomorrow going to feel like I cannot wait to discover.

Weight Loss and Physical Results

I woke up and weighed myself and was really happy to see that I was down 1.4 pounds from yesterday, for a total of 8.4 pounds. After skipping the salt water flush a few times, I noticed that I definitely see a difference on the scale following the day after I don't do it.  I'm really beginning to understand the effects of salts on the body and can only imagine what food loaded with msg and salts are doing to us on a daily basis..I also wanted to mention how great my skin looks and feels, so soft and smooth! My husband said something to me tonight about how much my skin had a glow! It was such a nice confirmation to how I was already feeling, thank you so much!

Social Support from Friends and Family

I walked into work today without my usual cup of coffee and right way the chatter began... "Why aren't you drinking coffee, are you finally starting that cleanse? What are you eating? No food for ten days, are you nuts? What are you going to do Friday when we all order breakfast out like we always do? You're gonna crash"! Hey thanks everyone for the support!!! Little do they know they're lack of confidence in me is my tool to succeed! So I secretly thank them all in my mind, and I plan on giving them something even better to talk about for when I'm done and perhaps for years to come! So for me, I use others negativity and turn it into positivity on my end! My husband is so supportive on the other hand. He encourages me even to the point he thought about giving it a try himself starting tomorrow, now that's support, we'll see where that goes! I in turn encourage and support him in the fact he can do it! Turning any negative into a positive is always going to be your best bet and your best tool in all areas of your life to succeed, especially here!

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