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The Process and The Lemonade Diet

So it is true!!!!   "For those who are overweight, less maple syrup may be taken."  but how much less???? gosh, days 1,2,3 I was using LESS maple syrup.. then I read the recipe more closely... days 4,5,6 I follow the recipe exact, and enjoy the flavor... then the eve-before-day 7 I am wondering if I should use less maple syrup again???... I like the flavor no matter what... just the flavor of the EXACT recipe is so smoothe!... less syrup has flavor of more citrus zing!

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

HOW is it that detox can be so rapid sometimes? and show up in the most unexpected ways in the body.... 1st thing that happens to me is my tongue felt like the entire top coating was being worn off... I really did not like the feel of the sting.... then I was feeling incredibly hungry... cuz I waited too long to get started today... and then I don't think I'm doing the recipe measurements correctly... gonna wake up early tomorrow and re-read all the measurements and convert it to the tumblers and water cup sizes that I have... then at 3pm... BOOM... my mouth so dry and I felt a wave of bad breath... yuck!... I was working on a project and had to stop and brush my teeth.... I feel very acidic.. I feel like I have acid reflex... I never have any type of heart-burn-like feelings... I don't know what's going on!!!!  I feel so tired... from 3pm to 6pm I was INCREDIBLY IRRITABLE... my daughter called me out on it... for those who study natural cycles of the body... I've read that 2pm-4pm is the prime time the liver is detoxing... so explains why so much going on with me at that time... going to drink laxative tea soon and go to bed... can't wait to sleep after long challenging day... oh and I gotta read about this SWF and try to understand it.

The Psychological and Emotional

Cravings! cravings! cravings!... and its ALL IN MY HEAD.... I have been all raw vegan since Dec. 21st, so 22days now... that's a VERY LONG ease in... 22days... but with all my "dis-ease" conditions, I was more toxic then... I did not get a lunch break at work today... just kept working, so I'm eating my salad at 6.30pm... and I eat it TOO FAST... and one of the plastic prongs on my fork went missing... and I'm afraid I swallowed it... took me "double time" to get home from work... took 1.5hrs to get home because of SLUGGISH NEW YORK TYPE TRAFFIC after the Broncos game in downtown Denver... this just added to my edginess... since 3pm to 11pm I've been like a ravenous lion wanting to eat every kind of cooked food and LOTS OF IT.... eat, eat, eat... I wanna eat... but I give myself a major invisible High Five... because I STAYED RAW VEGAN today... I did NOT sabotage myself, even though I have a long history of sabotaging myself.

Weight Loss and Physical Results - Lemonade Diet - Day 9

Ok, it's time for the happy dance!!!!... I went to the doctor today and I have lost 18 lbs since Nov. 1st... from Jan 2nd to Jan 16th, I have lost 5 lbs.... I'm certain it's the Master Cleanse helping me break my plateau and the SWF this morning certainly helped.... from mid Dec to Jan 2nd I hit a plateau... i kept with my goals of walking aerobically and drinking my water... and then I added only eating raw vegan foods... but I could not release... I'm sure it had to do with many layers of emotions from my past and my present... but finally I have allowed myself to LET GO.... I made a decision only to weigh at my doctors office until I get off that 1st 30-40lbs... then I might start weighing myself at home... I don't want to OBSESS about the scale every day... I want to be CLEAN inside... and I want GOOD HABITS.... feeling happy about the weight loss news today, and looking forward to how much more I will have lost by Jan. 30th when I get back on the scale again..."

Social Support from Friends and Family - Lemonade Diet - Day 7

My children support me... my son is 20 and a freshman in college, my daughter is 17 and senior in high school... they support me being raw vegan at this time, and they support my Master Cleanse... rest of my family is ZERO support... and friends I know will be "naysayers" b/c they are not even tolerant of vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan... I even told this one lady multiple times at a holiday party in November that we are VEGETARIAN family, NO MEAT... but she showed up giving us a turkey for Thanksgiving and another turkey for Christmas.... she just could not accept our lifestyle choice so she had to bring over 15+ lbs of flesh as her passive aggressive way to say my choices are not right in her eyes... so I do NOT plan to tell anyone, except my children, that I am doing this program... lets see what they say when my skin glows more and I drop the weight!

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