On the Roadmap, day 5 (of the Lemonade Diet)  falls on a Friday and Day 6 is a Saturday. So not only is this the halfway point of the lemonade, but it’s also the first full (and only) weekend while on the lemonade.

If you eased-in, you had a moderate change to your weekend and then we started on a Monday, so this weekend is a real “make or break it” period. It’s very easy to slowly sneak up on a sudden moment of weakness where you eat something, like soup, juice, or other solids people will cheat with.

Starting to feel better, but still a long way down the home stretch”It seems inevitable that just as we are making strides, turning corners, and building momentum that an equal and opposite re-action sends us back to where we started, or at the very least slows our momentum.

Day 6 signifies these pitfalls that all cleansers need to take heed of and be mindful of them so their risk can be mitigated, or altogether avoided.

We get cocky when we achieve something. Getting over the Hump at Day 5 was a great accomplishment, but the risk of complacency can quickly arise. Watch out for the following Pitfalls:

  1. Not drinking enough lemonade
  2. Not starting early enough in the day
  3. Skipping daily detox bowel movements (no SWF or laxative)
  4. Running out of ingredients: Pure Water, Rich Maple Syrup or Fresh Lemon Juice
  5. Going to social events and sneaking snacks

When it comes to the fleeting cravings, you don’t have to do too much to get past them. Here as some tips on how to overcome those moments

  • Keeping Busy
  • Acknowledge but don’t dwell
  • Drink some Lemonade or Water
  • Have a cup of herbal tea
  • Have a shower / steam sauna
  • Go for a walk
  • Do yoga, stretch or light exercise

If you can continue to avoid these pitfalls the next 4 days are looking pretty easy, except watch out for “The Wall” coming at day 7.