I recently announced the “Name Each Day Contest” because I have always had a few names for The Master Cleanse Day-to-Day: “The Lemonade Diet Day 4 – Humpday”, for example.

Today, Day 1 of The Lemonade Diet for me is called “The Bandwagon” (if you don’t like it, go over and submit your suggestion for a chance to win free Ebooks and Amazon.com Gift Certificates)

I call it The Bandwagon because many of the people who have tried The Master Cleanse don’t make it past Day 1. After that, they were done. They first cheated, and then quit altogether before they even had their first Salt Water Flush.

Many “outsiders” or non-cleansers, would call The Master Cleanse a “Fad Diet” (I have my own ideas about this term). And with any “Fad Diet”, there is a Bandwagon that plows through town picking up anyone who is interested in the passing popularity of the trend, whatever it may be.

This isn’t to say that a Bandwagon is necessarily a bad thing. You might have a friend or two who is a longtime fan of a music act or sports team. They loved their muse through good times and bad. They were there from the start. Then fame or success comes, along with legions of new fans.

Some would say that these new fans are less-than fans (at least relative to the “super-fan” who has been there all along).

I reject that theory. If you love it, you’re in.

The Bandwagon can be a good thing. It brings with it new friends to share your experience with, along with more exposure, and perhaps acceptance (assuming those are desirable results)

For me, because I manage this website, each new Group Cleanse is a new opportunity to meet amazing people heading down an amazing path. Jump on the Bandwagon with us and we’ll head down the path together. We will all help you so that you are able to pass through to Day 2, and stay on the Bandwagon long enough to love “the Band” as much as we do.

What do you think about this name for The Lemonade Diet Day 1? If you would like to call it something else, make sure you check out the Master Cleanse Day-to-Day “Name Each Day Contest”

Happy Cleansing