Introduction To: What Type of Master Cleanser are You?

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List of Key Concepts: What Type of Master Cleanser are You?

  1. Simplicity of The Program
    • 1 Paragraph
    • Finer Details
    • Common need to change, complicate or specialize.
    • We all have the same disease – Toxemia – The Accumulation of waste, toxins or poisons
  2. Consequences of Variations
    • What level of flexibility is available (or dangers or what-not)
      • Of ingredients
      • Of process – pre-mixed
    • Room for interpretation (Or to taste)
    • Stomach irritation test
  3. Common, Acceptable Substitutes
    • Lemons
      • YES: Limes
      • NO: Juice in a bottle, frozen or otherwise. Only fresh squeezed
        • Organic preferred but not necessary.
    • Maple Syrup
      • YES
      • NO: Agave Nector
    • Cayenne Pepper
      • YES: To tase
      • NO: Do not omit
    • Water
      • YES: Filtered water
      • NO: Distilled?
    • Laxative
      • YES: Everyday
      • NO: Too much or too little
    • Salt Water Flush
      • YES: Can Ommit
      • NO: Don’t do only