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Warm lemon and apple cider vinegar drink recipe

Maintain your weight and healthy skin easily with this morning drink.

The best way to wake up in the morning is to do something that will gently detox your body and jumpstart your metabolism so you can feel energized and ready to have a great, productive and fun day. Many people today have morning eating (and other) habits that do the opposite – leave you feeling [...]

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Useful Alternative Health Care Products

Many people want better health or relief from certain ailments without taking prescription drugs or artificially manufactured products. Natural remedies and alternative treatments are becoming more and more popular and some can be very effective. Before beginning any new treatment, discuss with your doctor the risks and benefits for your health. Alternative medicine can include [...]

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Interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup: How to Enjoy a Healthy Menopause

Many women believe that they are “victims of their hormones” because they go through a lot of suffering and mood swings during menopause and perimenopause. But Dr. Christiane Northrup, a leading expert on women’s health and wellness, explains that it doesn’t have to be this way. While women in their forties tend to think that [...]

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What Do Vitamins Do?

Everyone knows the body needs certain vitamins and minerals to function normally, but many people don’t know what they all do. The body needs a combination of fat soluble (vitamin A, D, E and K) and water soluble (B-complex and vitamin C) vitamins as well as a mix of minerals to run efficiently. Water soluble [...]

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Natural Treatment Options for Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a psychological disorder experienced by adults and usually begins from an early stage in their lives. The most common symptoms of BPD include extremely irrational behaviour — becoming hyperactive very quickly, losing one’s temper over non-issues, and the inability to cope with simple problems of life are typical characteristics of persons who [...]

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How to Get Natural Pain Relief without Side Effects

There are a countless number of people out there today suffering from chronic pain and taking ineffective medication that involves unwanted side effects. Jesse Cannone, founder of The Healthy Back Institute, now brings you a natural pain relief remedy that works. If you’re already taking a pain killer such as Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, or Vicodin, you’ve probably [...]

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To Prevent a Cold, Try This Weird Remedy

Gargling is sometimes used to relieve a sore throat, but quite recently it has also been proven to prevent a cold. It is highly recommended for cold prevention in Japan, but in the Western world, we usually think of gargling as something quaint and old-fashioned. However, a study performed in 2005 discovered that doing something [...]

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healing with the masters

Find Your Infinite Consciousness With Rikka Zimmerman

Well we’ve been telling you for about 2 weeks now that Healing With The Masters is the best transformational seminar out there, and without further a do the start date has arrived! We hope you are as excited as we are to get season 11 started and get that much closer to your new life of [...]

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healing with the masters

Wayne Dyer: Master Healer

Wayne Dyer is an influencer, a thought leader, a visionary and a teacher. He is incredibly influential and deservedly so, like Oprah, Louise Hay, Eckart Tolle, Depak Chopra and so many more. And like these people he’s a Master of Healing of all our bodies; Mind, Physical Body, Spirit, etc. So it’s timely that I [...]

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Awakening Potential with Panache Desai

There are very few people in this world who see everything that happens in their life as an opportunity. As one of the foremost experts in awakening your potential, Panache Desai is truly a different spirit who believes that and can help anyone improve their outlook on life. He is an incredible teacher who believes [...]

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How to Choose the Best Vitamins and Supplements

A common misconception about vitamins is that they are all nutritious and good for us. Actually, it’s a case of buyer beware as many of the world’s foremost vitamin brands contain things like artificial additives and colors, synthetic flow agents, and imitation vitamins that we are unable to digest. Choosing the best vitamins and supplements [...]

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Healing with The Masters: Season 11 by Jennifer MacLean


When we are faced with a constant barrage of physical, energetic or emotional pain, we are generally in survival mode. We aren’t really living, let alone thriving. We are just getting by. I know that’s not the life you want for yourself and I think I have a powerful solution for you. A solution that [...]

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How to Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Statistics show that about 20 million Americans are directly or indirectly affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. This number is very likely to increase as the aging baby boomer population becomes more and more affected by these diseases. However, there is a way to prevent dementia. A simple dietary solution could be all [...]

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Everyday Healthy Habits for an Illness-Free Life

There are some people whom we think of as being naturally healthy. But is it a gift from Mother Nature or just the result of several healthy habits? It seems like the latter is most likely the case. There is no “secret” to good health, but there are several practices and lifestyle qualities that healthy [...]

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Emotional Freedom Techniques for The Newtown Kids and Families

Unfortunately most of the biggest news stories in the past year have been negative, and unfortunately more than a few of them have involved shootings. There is no story so far that has been more devastating than the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. The tragedy not only impacted the 20 families [...]

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Food Diary App by Aspiring Holistic Health Coach

Calorie counting can be tedious, especially if math wasn’t your favorite subject at school. However, there is another way to keep track of your food, based on emotional responses. Aspiring holistic health coach Christy Venter created the HealthyME Living food diary app for a simpler approach to eating. Instead of laboriously documenting ingredients and calories, you simply upload photos [...]

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Are BPA Free Bottles Really Safe?

BPA-free labels on everything from sports bottles to plastic bowls seem reassuring, but is the label just giving us a false sense of security? Since being exposed as an endocrine disruptor, BPA has been banned in some states. It causes a variety of serious health risks including breast and prostate cancer. However, some hard plastics [...]

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3 Videos from 3 Leaders in Tapping and EFT

We’ve been sending out emails over the last few days for the pre-event video series for the upcoming 2013 Tapping World Summit which starts on February 4th. You can head over now, so you don’t forget to register and get some great information regarding tapping and EFT. These emails have generated a number of questions, so I thought I’d write [...]

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Natural Ways to Prevent the Flu

As a particularly virulent strain of flu is sweeping across the northern hemisphere, it turns out that the flu vaccine may not be all that effective against this virus. According to Natural News, “Previously, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s own studies showed that they believe the flu vaccine to be only 16 to 63 percent [...]

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Tapping for Weight Loss – EFT To Lose Weight

In this New Year, let’s consider a “New Approach”. An approach still new in many of our eyes even through we may have heard of it more than a few times since it was invented nearly 30 years ago and adopted by thousands of Doctors, clinicians and practitioners world wide. Let’s consider for a moment [...]

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