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Rice Intention Experiment That Will Shock You

Master Cleanse is an opportunity to cleanse more than just our bodies. The mentality required to complete the master cleanse successfully is many times the foundation for a whole new way of being. If we can compliment the cleansing process with weeding out our patterns of thinking, our behavior and even habits, a whole new […]

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Cayenne Pepper, Water, Lemon, and Maple Syrup – Which Ingredient of the Master Cleanse Recipe is the Most Important?

Cayenne pepper, water, lemon, and maple syrup are the entire ingredients for the Master Cleanse recipe, and it would be impossible to get the full effects of the cleanse by leaving one out, but which is the most important? The cayenne pepper loosens and the water is the greatest solvent. The lemon’s citrus is wonderful and […]

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What Kind of Water Should I Use?

Like all the ingredients for the cleanse, the most pure choice is the best choice. Alkaline water would be mine. Read more about that here. Tap water is full of chemicals, so find a nice filtered water source.

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