Cayenne Pepper Diet Recipe – The Master Herb of The Lemonade Diet

Cayenne Pepper is so critical to The Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet that it is sometimes called the Cayenne Pepper Diet.


Cayenne Pepper is a Super Food. There are many so-called “Super Foods” and, in my estimation, Cayenne Pepper is one of them. A few others that immediately spring to mind include: Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Almonds, Avocados, Cocoa, Flax, Garlic, Ginger, Olive Oil and many more. These are all different kinds of food, from nuts, to fruit, to herbs and oils. Come to think of it, one day I ought to research and write a piece on classifying Super Foods.

Here is a great article on 17 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper from 

Cayenne Pepper – The Herb

Cayenne Pepper is also, of course, a vegetable and we get our powder for The Lemonade Diet from grinding up a dried specific type of red pepper. Still, many refer to cayenne pepper as a herb. This is something I don't understand clearly. Maybe someone can leave me a comment and enlighten me as to why this is.Cayenne Pepper is a herb, and as such might not be referred to as a Super Food by some, but I will. In fact, herbologist and herbalists say that Cayenne Pepper is The Master Herb. Perhaps this is where Stanley Burroughs came up with the name “The Master Cleanser”.

Capsaicin – The Cayenne Pepper Secret Weapon

Capsaicin is the most active compound in Cayenne Pepper. It is what gives it the heat we taste — a heat so powerful that handling the ground cayenne requires gloves. The ‘hotness' of the Cayenne Pepper is measured in a unit called Scoville ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 IU's.

As is usually suggested with many things in life, start slow and build up. Try the 40,000-unit version in your lemonade before moving up to the 100,000. The more cayenne pepper in your lemonade the better. Use it to taste. If the package isn't marked with a unit measure, then it is likely 40,000.

Why Cayenne Pepper is great for The Lemonade Diet

Cayenne Pepper has many wonderful properties: 

  • It is a stimulant which raises the metabolism (something that is important when not digesting food).
  • Cayenne pepper also  increases circulation, which is very helpful when cleansing because one often feels slightly cool, likely due to the low metabolism which results from not digesting food.
  • Cayenne Pepper also acts as a blood thinner and purifier, which can help with digestion.
  • Perhaps most importantly, Cayenne Pepper, like the Fresh Lemon Juice, helps to break up the mucous in our bodies. Mucous is where all our illness causing substances get trapped. This is why we get stuffed up, congested, sneeze and cough. Breaking up and eliminating this mucous is one of the major benefits of The Master Cleanse.

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits – video

The Cayenne Pepper Diet

Like Fresh Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper is vitamin rich and alkalizing to the body. Sometimes people even refer to The Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet as the Cayenne Pepper Diet.

Whether you call Cayenne Pepper a herb or a food, you might now realize how essential it is to The Master Cleanse. It might even have lent the name to the “Master Cleanser” as Stanley Burroughs called it. He also called this cleanse The Lemonade Diet. Clearly two key ingredients in The Lemonade Diet are Fresh Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper (although the Rich Maple Syrup and Pure Water are equally important).

Have you ever done the Master Cleanse without using Cayenne Pepper? Maybe you used a substitute? Or have you used an alternative measure to take it if it was too hot for you (like gel-caps)?

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  1. Hi all, I am on Day 1 of the Master Cleanse. Doing ok, but I am not drinking enough I don’t think. Peeing all the time as it is. My question is, I feel a little of the cayenne when I urinate. Is that ok? Is everyone feeling that?

  2. day 3 of lemonade diet… never been able to fast before! But I’m having great success. I even passed up chewy chocolate chip cookies tonight, and potato hashbrowns… had to cook for the family. I think I lost four pounds the first two days, but haven’t weighed yet. I did feel very sluggish and sleepy today, but added more cayenne pepper to the lemonade this afternoon, and that helped. Looking forward to finishing this, and making some permanent changes in my normally high-sugar diet.

  3. It’s day 2 on my lemonade diet. I did it yesterday without adding cayenne pepper on my lemonade because cayenne pepper is not available in my country.
    Is the diet still working even if it’s not have a maximum result?
    I do found a red pepper, can I replace it instead?
    I try to order it from amazon but it said that they can’t send it to my country without knowing the reason why.
    So I wonder if it’s effective or not without the cayenne pepper, coz I don’t want later realize that my 10 days effort is not working at all.
    Thanks for your answer

    • hi, l wnt 2 ask l was nt able 2get cayenne pepper where l came from, l nw wnt 2 ask dt can l use garlic or ginger as a substituent 4 cayenne pepper since am nt able 2get it nd it can be shipped 2my country Nigeria.

    • Not in Indianapolis, but started day 1 today as well. Looking to go 14 days before the ease out and then enjoying a normal food again by April 8th. Best of Luck to you

  4. I use the brand Solaray, Cool Cayenne capsules, just one at a time. But the best part is the water. We have a Kangen water machine which is good to get your ph levels up and make your body highly alkaline. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. They are expensive but you can’t put a price on your health. Just goto and see if it’s a worthy investment.

    • Randy, unfortunately the body does not become “alkaline” unless it is very sick. The body regulates pH very closely and will only allow for a normal variance between 7.35-7.45 on the pH scale. It does this through normal kidney and lung function. “Highly alkaline” is scary to us medical folks because it can damage body tissues and can even lead to death. We call this illness alkalosis. It is not safe for the body to be out of normal pH range.

      Anything that advertises that it changes body pH is not only advertising a change that would be harmful to the body’s organs, but it would be rendered ineffective by normal body functions! It seems you have been mislead, my friend, by false advertising..

  5. Lemonade diet day 1-
    Today is my first day of the lemonade diet and I absolutely cannot stand the taste of the cayenne pepper. I think I did make it to strong, but is there another substance that I can substitute the cayenne pepper for? It states above that acai berries are a “super food” as well. Would putting acai berry in the mixture give you he same results as the cayenne pepper? If anyone could help that would be great!

    • Allyson,

      I have just read your question and have pasted here a quote from directly above on this very same page. It tells exactly why the Cayenne is used and what it does. These are properties specifically of Cayenne.

      Acai berries do not have these same properties. Using another superfood is not the answer, as they are not really interchangeable. Finding a way to get the cayenne down IS the answer.

      If you would read more on this site and look into it further, you will find that people have given all sorts of hints and tips on how to do the things required for this plan. Don’t just read one page and consider yourself prepared. Read, read, read!!! Look at the comments at the bottom of every page. There are dozens of people on here who have done this and have left their feedback for you to be able to see and learn from their experiences.

      Here is the quote from this very page, detailing the point of using the Cayenne:

      “Cayenne Pepper has many wonderful properties. It is a stimulant which raises the metabolism (something that is important when not digesting food). It increases circulation, which is very helpful when cleansing because one often feels slightly cool, likely due to the low metabolism which results from not digesting food. Cayenne Pepper also acts as a blood thinner and purifier, which can help with digestion.”

      Some ideas I have seen include: A: using gel caps to place the cayenne inside and swallow them so you don’t have to taste it B: drinking a small amount of water with the cayenne in it, directly followed by the lemonade mixture C: just bucking up and taking it, realizing that it will do you a lot of good, even if it is not pleasant

      There are many other idea on this site… I encourage you to read a lot more before deciding whether this will work for you or not.

      (I have not yet started this cleanse, but plan to later this week. I am preparing for it and reading up on things ahead of time. It truly distresses me to see some of these posts that so obviously ask what has already been covered numerous times on this site. I truly wish that people would take more seriously the things they are looking at doing to their bodies and not just come to see the recipe. Look into the entire process!!)

      Good luck to all who endeavor to do this. I really believe it can be a great help in maximizing our health! Have a wonderful week all! :)

    • i used a very small pinch of the cayenne pepper in the cleanse and it was hot enough that i could stand it…i followed the author’s suggestion and drank the 8 oz of the cleanse very quickly in one drink then followed with a another drink of plain lemon water which i sipped on until it was time for the cleanse again…i found this procedure to be helpful because the plain lemon water helped to mask the heat and flavor of the cayenne pepper…hope this is helpful to you.

  6. Lemonade diet day 1. I would like to substitute the cayenne pepper with Tabasco . More if needed . Does anyone have any thoughts on this? The only extra ingredient to the whole diet would be the distilled vinegar . Tabasco is very simple with its ingredients. I’m curios what others think.

  7. Lemonade Diet Day 1 – I do not like the taste of the lemonade. In my opinion, the cayenne makes it taste awful. I do like the smell of cayenne and could see eating more of it on food, BUT I do not like drinking it. I heard that some people are doing shots of the cayenne with water (or maple syrup) before each drink instead of adding it in the mix. Is this discouraged? I would think that this is better than the cayenne pills. I am only making 8 ounces at a time. I have also heard that some people are heating up their concentrated cayenne and water and that doesn’t make it as hot. Any help is appreciated, since this is only day one and I would really love to continue this.

    • i actually took shots of cayenne with water rather than putting it in the drink itself. my body does not tolerate much to spicy foods so for me so it was easier for me to take the shot and chase it down with the lemonade. to be quite honest, i actually didn’t have any cayenne pepper on hand for the first 10 days so i drank the lemonade without it but it still worked. i did this for roughly 20 days and lost 25-30 lbs. i went down from a size 10 to a size 0. but i also did exercise about 4 hours a day. but i still don’t think taking shots of cayenne will be detrimental at all.

      • You are supposed to drink 8-12 drinks of lemonade a day.. well i did four with the pepper and the rest without.. couldnt stand the pepper. Im hoping this will work.

    • Staci, It is optional, but Its really, really beneficial. Check out our page on Easing-in : People often quit if they dont take the time to ease-in and it is also much more gentle on your body to allow your body to adjust to a whole new way of functioning. The Ease-in is suggested for a very specific and logical reasons and I really recommend that you consider it before going on the Cleanse.

  8. I need liquid Cayenne for lowiring my blood pressure. I have been taking liquid cayenned for seven (7) years now. Please direct me where I can buy this liquid cayenne. Thank you.

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