Day 10 – Feeling better. The cold symptoms are gone. There is a cold going around the city. I am curious if I am more susceptable to cold while on the cleanse. I would believe so since your metabolism slows, and your immune system would be less active. I actually feel quite good and I will play hockey tonight. I just have a runny nose now and a slight cough.

Today I can say that tomorrow I am done the lemonade diet and then on to the Ease out. It’s true, I am counting days. It’s funny though, I have only been for the 10 day cycle and from looking at my movements, they are only now become less black. They are still brown and dirty, but they are getting cleaner. I think they must get cleaner and cleaner and you want to continue. Also the weight loss starts to become noticeable. I had about 20 pounds of extra weight on me. I have lost almost 14 pounds. It has been 10 days. That’s 1.4 pounds per day. So over the next 5 days I should lose 6 more pounds. That would bring me to 20. Let’s see.

Vitals today show another pound lost and the BFI finally coming down. The measurements are show my waist and belly pinch down a degree.

Photos – Front, Back, Side Relaxed, Side Flexed and Gut Pinch

Height in Inches

72.5 – Of course this is never going to change, but it comes into play in calculating my Body Mass Index and calculating Body Fat Index as well.


192.4 – That is almost 15 pounds from the start of the cleanse.

Body Fat Index

20.5 – My body fat index is finally coming inline with my weight. Not sure how accurate this is.

Body Mass Index

25.7 – Slight improvement.

PH Balance

6.8 – So another note about this. The tester I am using provides a color coded scale fro 5.5 – 8.0. It also says “Read Immediately” The thing is that immediately it is off the scale on the low end (acidic), and then over time it starts to turn green and move up the scale. Today, the first reading seemed 6.2 and in a matter of 20 seconds it has moved up to 7.2. So I just don’t know.

Heart Rate

68 – Lower than yesterday.

Systolic Blood Pressure


Diastolic Blood Pressure



Average – Need a better reading. My blood pressure machine takes a simple reading.

Waist in Inches

34.6 – Getting back to my basic waist size. I have said to myself before. “No more than 34”. I don’t want to be over a 34″ waist, in fact I would love to be at my ideal which is 32″

Belly in Inches

36.2 – Getting smaller.

Chest in Inches

41.3 – Must be human error.

Biceps in Inches

14.2 – Same as yesterday.

Leg/Quad in Inches

23 – Basically the same as yesterday.

Gut Pinch in Inches

3.9 – Less than yesterday. I can feel the fat breaking up where it was solid last week. The ideal is probably an inch like the old saying “Pinch an Inch”