Group Master Cleanse – Spring 2012

It's here again people! We are excited to announce the next Group Cleanse starting Monday – April 23rd.

The Ease -in will start on Friday April 20th. Make sure to ease-in as that will better your chances at completing the cleanse, enjoying the experience much more due to reducing some stress that just jumping in may create.

Both me and my boyfriend (and the owner of Michael are going to joy the Group Cleanse this year and we are very much looking forward to lightning up, letting go of what doesn't belong and feeling the surge of energy and clarity that this detox creates. Who else is in?

Where to register 

Group Master Cleanse registration

You can register on our Group Cleanse Page and join the fantastic, supportive community that will keep you focused and going on tough days. Our Master Cleanse Facebook Page has been growing like crazy and it's another place to get support, make friends and meet Cleansing buddies. You can ask questions and talk to many experienced Master Cleansers all over the world.

There are many benefits to doing this Cleanse with other like-minded people and I know that not everyone has the luxury of having their whole community (whether family, friends or co-worker) to support them. This Master Cleanse is representation of having the desire to hit the re-set button, let go of what is not serving you and maybe event noticeably hindering your life.

You Can Do It!

Especially if you will have all the additional support that you can receive from our group of Cleansers all over the world. Partner up with the like-minded people and watch your self go pass you limits. You sure can.

Bruce Lee, Master Cleanse

Spring – Time to Renew, Re-prioritize and Let go of What Doesn’t Serve You Anymore

I have just written an article on my website about the exciting and energizing Spring time. These are the ideas that I associate with Spring time that I talk about in detail more in detail in the article:

Letting go and New beginnings

  • New beginnings
  • New ways of being, new habits
  • Exciting changes, big plans
  • Faster Energy (compared to the winter season)
  • Out with old and in with the new
  • Colours and sunshine
  • Getting clear and letting go
I will be bloging about my Master Cleanse experience and I am looking forward to sharing about my challenges, brake-throughs and all the little cool experiences along the way.
I am also excited for making new connections with the Master Cleanse community. There are always so many fun, uplifting people talking about all the little things they are learning along the way, I really can't wait to hear all about it.

Are you in?

So, please join me on this journey and kick-start your spring with a Cleanse that does more than detoxes your body.

4 Responses to Group Master Cleanse – Spring 2012

  1. Carla April 27, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    I just found this site. I am on day five. I’m a little hungry today but still feel strong about finishing. I’ve been having very vivid dreams about eating but sleeping better that ever.

  2. Renee Matthew April 27, 2012 at 7:06 pm #

    I am on day 5 of the cleanse. I just happened to find you guys. It is nice to know there are other doing this at the same time. It will help me get through the weekend having to feed my kids. LOL

  3. f247 April 22, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Starting my fourth master cleanse tomorrow. Just checked the site and saw that there’s a group cleanse starting tomorrow.

    All my previous MCs I just did 7 days w/ ease-out because I started to lose too much weight toward the end. This time I will go for 10 days.

    Good luck everyone!!

  4. Sandra April 20, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    Day 1 of lemonade for me. I have tried the Master Cleanse before with mixed results. The salt water flush was not something I could master and I found out from this website why my lemonade was too hot (I mixed enough for a day at a time and the cayenne did indeed get stronger throughout the day). I am excited this time. I have had bronchitis for the last week, coughing my head off and bringing some nasty stuff up. I haven’t had an appetite and have been eating very little so I figure the ease-in is taken care of. I have also been drinking Get Regular and taking some herbal laxatives as well. Still coughing but the lemonade feels very good in my throat. I also am Juicing whole lemons in a real juicer and the taste is a lot richer with the peeling in the juice.

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