Gazing down the home stretch of the Lemonade Diet can be incredibly empowering. You can feel the momentum building towards the finish line, which at the same time can seem so far away.

“Those last few days were hard, I’ve got five more to go.”

“I’m getting in the zone, I feel like I can go forever.”

These are common sentiments as you approach the midpoint of the Lemonade Diet. Where are you in your process? Are you hitting your stride, or are you struggling? Have you experienced a breakthrough yet, or at least feel like you will soon? Is it still as hard as ever, or is it getting easier? It can seem a lot like breaking through the wall into the runner’s high, the feeling you get when an incredibly difficult activity begins to eases, sometimes bringing a kind of euphoria. There are few things better than that – the feeling of “I am doing it.”

This feeling isn’t guaranteed for everyone at this point; for some, it may arrive later. That isn’t to say that you are doing the Lemonade Diet wrong; we are all different. Many people who don’t reach that smooth-sailing point end up quitting, and thinking the whole process was hard – but worth it. It’s my belief that, had those people persevered, they might well have arrived. Then again, maybe not. Each person responds completely uniquely.

I hope you are over the worst of the physical and psychological hunger pangs that you experience early on, and are now able to use the routine to handle all the false social and psychological cues that are telling you you should be eating.