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Get Rid of Fear: a Conversation with Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Deepak Chopra, M.D. has written over 55 books, eighteen of which are New York Times bestsellers, on subjects such as mind-body health, spirituality, and peace. Dr. Chopra teaches us to connect with our true nature, get rid of fears, and find the happiness and peace of mind we were always meant to have. He is hailed as [...]

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Bridging Science and Spiritual Belief with Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized scientist and a pioneering leader in bridging the gap between science and spiritual belief. Due to his groundbreaking research on the nature of cells at Stanford University, Bruce was able to discover the amazing properties of stem cells and the fact that our environment and our perception of [...]

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Interview with Suze Orman: Your Relationship with Money

Could your relationship with money be directly connected to your relationship with yourself? As financial guru Suze Orman says, “the language of self worth and net worth are really the same.” Don’t miss this never-before-seen candid interview as the financial superstar speaks about how your personal relationship relates to your financial success. A well-known television host, [...]

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Interview with Gregg Braden: Ancient Mysteries Hold the Key to Our Future

Gregg Braden is an amazingly gifted author and thinker. He is known for his best-selling books such as The God Code, The Divine Matrix, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, Fractal Time, and Deep Truth. His work has also been featured on The History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and ABC. Trained as a scientist, he enjoyed a successful [...]

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Interview with Wayne Dyer: Finding Happiness and the Secret Garden

Wayne Dyer is an influencer, a thought leader, a visionary and a teacher. He is incredibly influential; and deservedly so; on the same level as Oprah, Louise Hay, Eckart Tolle, Depak Chopra and so many more. Dyer is affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans, and its not tough to see why once [...]

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Interview with Doreen Virtue: Angel Therapy

Doreen Virtue was clairvoyant from an early age, conversing with angels and spiritual beings that were invisible to others. Of course, people are naturally distrustful of those who claim to hear voices, so Doreen did not reveal her ability to the general public, fearing that others would laugh at her. Her objective in life has [...]

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Guided Meditation with James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh is a bestselling author and an intuitive psychic who has been featured on television shows such as Oprah, Larry King Live, The Joy Behar Show, and Dr. Phil. His gift in psychic readings and communicating with the dead is complemented by a warm and friendly attitude and a witty sense of humour. [...]

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Interview with Esther Hicks: Using the Law of Attraction

Many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction popularized by The Secret and similar books. Esther Hicks was one of the first people to help popularize this amazing law and to add accurate and practical explanations on how to use it to manifest what you desire. An inspirational speaker and New York Times Best-selling author, [...]

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Interview with Louise Hay: The Power of Self Love

We live in a world where “technologies of magic” are considered acceptable and even common. So many people have subscribed to the idea that changing your thoughts can change your destiny today: those people use affirmations, vision boards, self love and visualizations to solve their problems and make their dreams come true. In 1987, when Louise [...]

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Change Your Life: Free Online Access to The Hay House World Summit

If you turn to self-help authors in times of crisis or just for everyday guidance, you’ve probably heard of Louise Hay. If you haven’t, then there’s no time like the present to get to know the woman who revolutionized the self-help movement and helped countless readers to overcome their problems through the power of self-love. Louise [...]

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Get Back on the Horse: Addiction Recovery and What’s Next After Relapse

Those who have relapsed while trying to stay sober are often confronted with considerable fears and anxieties. The goal of sobriety is to reach a state where you never drink or abuse substances, and a relapse represents failure for many. However, noting that the failure is only temporary can help some proceed, and a bit [...]

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How to Improve Brain Function: Cognitive Enhancement Strategies

Our minds are like giant computers in the way that they work. But they are also like giant muscles. The more we use them, the better they work. If you’re looking to improve brain function, it helps to think of the brain as a sort of muscle. But how do we build up the muscle that [...]

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How to Establish a Healthy Family Communication

Healthy communication in every family is very important. Without it, there is no meaning to calling it a family. Communication is the basis for ascertaining good relations. This reason is sufficient to raise a resilient network to support your home and family life. That’s why there are certain attributes in families that need to mature [...]

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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Addiction for Your Kids

A major concern that parents have today is how to prevent harmful addictions in their children. Many parents, rightfully so, wonder if their own discipline techniques would prevent their kids from having addictions later on in their lives. This is especially true for parents who are struggling to control a child who is being difficult. [...]

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Ten Best Tips to Improve Memory

Our memory is an amazing thing. We use it constantly, expecting it to save and retrieve information constantly. From where we left our keys, to a summer day in our childhood – our memory saves, sorts, and retrieves information constantly. We rely on it to save and retrieve this information quickly and accurately. Unfortunately, there [...]

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4 Healthy Ways to Stop Bad Habits

Everyone has at least a few bad habits that they have trouble getting rid of. Usually these bad habits do not make much of a negative impact on our lives. However, there are some bad habits like substance abuse that can drastically impact our lives in a negative way. It is important to have the [...]

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How to Get Motivated and Discover Your True Potential: Books by Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has overcome a difficult childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes to become one of the world’s most inspiring personal development experts. Drawn from his life experience and his scholarly knowledge, these books by Wayne Dyer prove that anyone, no matter what challenges they’re struggling with, can turn their life around [...]

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Teach Your Kids the Wisdom of Eckhart Tolle: Milton’s Secret, the Movie

Those of you who have done the Master Cleanse already know what it’s like to be Aware of yourself, to be in the moment. The cleanse forces you to be in the here and now regarding any emotional triggers that activate the desire to eat, your spiritual well-being, and your social environment. It brings any [...]

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Make Changes in Your Life and Combat “Change-Back Attacks”

Most of the people in your life see you as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle fitting nicely into the big picture of their lives. When you make changes in your life, even if they’re positive changes, these people might panic, seeing that their perfect puzzle is ruined. “Women who are undergoing changes are likely [...]

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The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

Happiness has been an age-old conundrum for humanity. In his book The Happiness Hypothesis (Basic Books, 2006), social psychologist Jonathan Haidt explores different angles of this questions, drawing upon ancient traditions but putting them into modern day context. Many ancient practices can be helpful to us, especially when they help us to achieve happiness by getting rid [...]

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