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Celebrities on The Master Cleanse Diet

Thinking of giving The Master Cleanse a try? You’ll be joining a number of celebrities who have shed pounds quickly on the famous lemonade diet. The Master Cleanse is a 10-day liquid diet that gives you the calories you need and allows your digestive tract to rest. You’ll be surprised by the number of celebrities […]

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Beyoncé Diet aka The Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet

When singer-actor superstar Beyonce Knowles needed to prepare for her role in Dreamgirls in 2006, she reportedly used the Lemonade diet to shed some weight while filming the movie. Dreamgirls was released in December 2006 and after Beyoncé shared her secret to loosing weight fast for the role on the Oprah show, the Beyonce diet (aka the Lemonade […]

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5 Tips to Make the Master Cleanse Lemonade Right

Everyone who chooses to do the Master Cleanse has very specific reasons to do so and goals to achieve: be it weight-lose, releasing toxins and bad eating habits or balancing their health in certain aspects. To ensure your results, we decided to write a short article to help you avoid the common mistakes many people make […]

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Lemonade diet day four (Jeff McLeod)

Well even though I’m getting into the swing of things, and becoming pretty good with my routines, today brought something new for me both psychologically and physically. But nonetheless day four went down with no major hitches. Day Seven I wake up, somewhat sleep deprived as usual, but feeling like a daisy. The first few […]

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 8 – Compromise

With only 3 days to go there are only 2 days left for people quit the Lemonade Diet prematurely, deciding “this is good enough”, often because their will is broken, and 7 full days is a good compromise; it is a nice first try, something to be proud of. Because Day 8 follows Day 7 […]

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 7 – The Stride

Yesterday I talked about turning the corner, and the psychology of progress and accomplishment. For me, turning that corner towards the home stretch has 3 major pieces of awesome. First, I am almost home, and that feels great. But second, this is the time when I begin to hit my stride. I gain so much […]

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 6 – The Corner

We’ve gained momentum, gotten over the Hump and today we’ve turned the corner. Maybe that is too many metaphors to mix, but to me they are all just a little different, especially in the context of an event of a specific duration, one which is a challenge to complete. When training for hockey, I did […]

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 5 – Healing Events

Yesterday I posted the Definitive Guide to Master Cleanse Side Effects because every resource I could find covered only one of the major types of effects of the Master Cleanse whether they be direct effects or side effects. In that post I talked about what I call Healing Events. Tom Woloshyn, author of The Complete […]

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 4 – Momentum

Momentum is a funny thing. As a former professional hockey player, I was witness to some pretty amazing examples of momentum. I am not talking about the momentum from high school physics that deals (although the analogy has its’ roots here). I am talking about the extra man, the silent motivator, the wind at your […]

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 3 – Humpday

Last night and this morning I struggled a little, and was reminded why I called today humpday in my Day-to-Day Experience. Last night was my second night on the Laxative, and I didn’t do the SWF so I was due for a good movement. I didn’t make it through the night. Half-way through the night […]

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Why Fresh Lemon Juice is Critical to the Lemonade Diet

The Fresh Lemon Juice is the MOST CRITICAL component of The Lemonade Diet. If you don’t drink your Lemon Juice Fresh, you will not be getting the vital Enzymes that lose vitality over time, and exposure to light and air. This leads to 2 of the biggest Master Cleanse Mistakes: Pre-Mixing your Lemonade, or using […]

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 1 – The Bandwangon

I recently announced the “Name Each Day Contest” because I have always had a few names for The Master Cleanse Day-to-Day: “The Lemonade Diet Day 4 – Humpday”, for example. Today, Day 1 of The Lemonade Diet for me is called “The Bandwagon” (if you don’t like it, go over and submit your suggestion for […]

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Lemonade Diet – Day 9 – Almost Done

As the Lemonade Diet begins to wrap up, we generally begin to see the effects coming into focus. A few of us don’t experience the effects – whether weight loss, or improved skin, or lost inches, or a sense of well-being – until later in the cleanse. Each of us feels them in different ways […]

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Lemonade Diet – Day 8

Day 8. By now, you’ll know it can be an emotional rollercoaster. Each day feels like a continuous cycle of falling in love followed by depression because you were dumped. Sometimes I feel a deep loss for the food, like I will never eat again. Thankfully I realize, of course, that this is not true […]

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Lemonade Diet – Day 7 – Don’t Quit Now

Sometimes you will miss eating and crave eating again. The psychology of this process can be strange. You may occasionally, or even frequently, have thoughts of quitting. But you also know you can do it. Perhaps, to distract your mind, you move on to something else, playing mental gymnastics to calculate how much longer you […]

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Lemonade Diet – Day 6 – Hitting Your Stride

Day 6 of the Lemonade Diet often begins to feel easier; like you’re really beginning to hit your stride. Day 6 is a turning point on the weekend, marching confidently towards the goal. Next Friday, we start on the orange juice. I chose this timing to highlight the milestones. You can be psychologically complete on […]

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Lemonade Diet – Day 5 – Half Done

Gazing down the home stretch of the Lemonade Diet can be incredibly empowering. You can feel the momentum building towards the finish line, which at the same time can seem so far away. “Those last few days were hard, I’ve got five more to go.” “I’m getting in the zone, I feel like I can […]

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Lemonade Diet – Day 4 – Healing Events

Day 4 may bring a clearing on several fronts. Often, you begin to get over the physical symptoms of what people call “Healing Events” (although they are reported to come throughout the cleanse, at any time). You may also get over the psychological need for food (although you do often feel a little tweak of […]

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