Group Cleanse: General Instruction, Comments and Questions

This page is a General Instruction Page for our Master Cleanse Group Cleanse. Please check that page for details on our Quarterly Cleanses and our Individual Cleanses.

To learn more about the value of Group Cleansing, check out this report.

The Group Cleanse will not only give us the forum to support each other, doing The Master Cleanse together, but it also enables us to track our experiences by setting standards to the conversation. If we all just posted random thoughts we would get a lot less value from the comments. But if the comments are structured, and relevant by time and topic, we can gain even more insight, more quickly and more effectively. Therefore we ask participants to start and finish the Master Cleanse on the same dates.

Post your general comments and questions about The Master Cleanse

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  1. Jodi

    I start tomorrow! Last ease in day today. Am very motivated to do this! Need a major physical & emotional detox.

  2. Anna

    Day 7 LD-MC, feeling good, tongue is still white, lost weight! woohoo! Not feeling tired what so ever! I have been getting up every morning and doing the flush and making my Lemonade for the day. I drink about 64 oz of this drink throughout the day and add Cayenne each batch. I love spicy foods so I add more cayenne then recommended I hope that doesn’t hurt the cleanse! I only have 3 days to go and 3 days ease out. I have come this far I know I can continue without any worry or weakness to cave in. Oh let me tell you this my cousin came over and offered to make me a steak and shrimp and bake potato. he didn’t know I was doing a cleanse until my husband said forget about it, she is not going to eat! lol… He too said I should be torturing my self, but I told him I am not I am actually helping myself rid of the diseases and bad stuff holding me down from feeling good inside. Oh and one more thing…this is important it also …kind of embarrassed to say … Well my intimacy with my husband was really great. Not that he doesn’t keep me happy.. because he does!… But for Me… I felt more confident in myself to be more.. oh I do know how to explain but you know what I mean… this is awkward…. I am going to leave it at that I am embarrassed enough but I had to just say something.

  3. Val

    Can you work out during this period?

  4. Summer Torrance

    My mother and I just did the cleanse. She completed 30 days and after seeing her results and how great she felt, I joined in and did 10 days. I loved the cleanse. I am an aerobics instructor and now have many people I work with that want to get started. I know in the book I read it says you shouldn’t take supplements while doing the cleanse. I have people on medication for blood pressure, adhd, etc… Can they do the cleanse while taking their medication?

    • Mike Olaski

      Hi Summer,

      Great news about you and your mother’s experience. Thanks for sharing.

      Medications can be taken, but it can be noted that many people are able to stop their medications during or immediately after the cleanse (but always with a doctors supervision). Ideally, if you can stop the medications before you start, that would be best, but not all medications or personal situations allow for that.



  5. Angela M

    Well I screwed up badly yesterday. I feel great all day on the cleanse, no hunger, no cravings… then it comes time to make dinner for my family. I actually dread it. I made sausage and peppers last night, and found my self tasting everything. I had at least 1 whole sausage link and a bunch of the onions and peppers.

    Boy did I pay for it later! I was in and out of the bathroom all night. I felt so guilty, like a complete failure.

    I’m really worried about tonight when I make dinner. I’m thinking of ordering out so I don’t put myself in a bad situation again. It’s very hard for me to prepare meals and not want to eat it too!

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can handle this?

  6. Eve Shaw

    Master Cleans comments

    By night fall I have seen mucus in my stool and a slight runny nose. I have not felt the great hunger pains. To talk about the cleans itself this is my first time. I heard about it and a person gave me a copy if a recipe but I believe this is the right time. I pretty sure it’s going to work. I like the videos and watch a few over again. You tube is helpful tons of videos on the master clean and all of what I watched had some great ideas and suggestions. I have an idea of keeping a personal journal as I am making personal changes in my life and I believe master cleans will be apart of it.

    • Eve Shaw

      Day 1 Comments

      I am wondering if I am blogging correctly.?

  7. Irsa Agaton

    Hello, Im doing the master cleanse ultimately to lose weight. I read one time over the internet that I need to drink at least 6 10oz glasses of the lemonade mixture. Im only able to drink 3 10oz glasses, i feel full already. Is that ok?

    • Mona

      I wonder the same. I can’t drink as much as they say. I’m drinking about 30 oz per day.

      • Mike Olaski

        1/4 cayenne is a lot. Your elimination might burn a little at times, especially the first few days and depending on what you recently ate, or are detoxing from. I use 1/8th teaspoon, not table. 30oz is not nearly enough. That’s about 4 – 8oz glasses. You should triple that.

  8. Zanetta Faye

    Day 6 Feeling great. I noticed during this cleanse ( my second one,first one in ’12) the bulk of elimination was on day one and two. Not much since. Since the first cleans I changed my diet to 3 -4 green drinks a day, not much dairy,( zero, yogurt, milk ,eggs) in recipes only. Drink lemon water everyday. I’m thinking maybe due to this maybe the elimination is not as drastic as before. Thinking I will ease out today. Like the first cleanse, I will eliminate something from my diet. Probably reduce sugar intake (LOVE SWEET TEA) and fried chicken.. I love the way i feel, and have lost weight. Feel refreshed.

  9. Lady Zee Faye

    Wondering maybe I using to much cayenne pepper…experincing burning elimination…using 1/4 teaspoon…will make adjustment tomorrow ,

  10. Jazzie

    Can I eat the lemon? Or must I just drink the juice from it?


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